Cold Hearted Lover

“Please don’t leave me,” I begged. “I don’t know anything about this. You made me and now your abandoning me!”
“Jen, don’t. I told you what to do. Go back to your family and pretend that everything is okay. They won’t know the difference. I only made you to spare your life. If they would’ve found out about you they would’ve killed you. You now bare my mark and they won’t touch you.” His cool fingers trailed up my neck and to the teeth marks he’d put there.

I looked up at him with tears in my eyes as I sat there on the cold ground trembling. He sighed impatiently and crouched down beside me. His cold gray eyes looked straight into mine. “I gave you a great gift, now use it to your advantage.”
“You think your clever, don’t you Jonathan,” a voice from the shadows asked. I stiffened and started shaking all over again. “I’m afraid you’re going to have to choose. Your true family or that good for nothing wench. I will go straight to the elders about this and don’t think I won’t.”
“Be gone, Drake,” Jonathan hissed. “This is between us and has no concern over you. Your lucky you’re not a dead carcass by now.”
There was a rustling followed by a long howl. My head shot up at the sound. It was like the howler was calling for me. Jonathan turned my face toward him and green eyes met gray ones. “Don’t listen, Jen. All they want is someone to play with.”
“What do you care,” I growled. I sighed and rested my head against my knees. “I’m hungry, I’m tired, and I’m sick of games.”
“So am I,” Jonathan snarled. He got to his feet and pulled me up with him. “This is the only release I can give you, Jen. Drake and the others will not stop hunting you until you are dead. I’d rather kill you myself than have them do it.”
He wrapped his strong hands around my neck and then I saw, hungered, felt no

By Wolfina

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