Come Back For Me

Ive done everything in my power
not to be weak-
only strong
I escaped from the constant pain for awhile
You helped me so much
I did it all for you
So many things to look forward to..
so many things that you gave me
Countless times I thought you would leave
I started to panic
I ran to my room
dug underneath my bed,
and pulled out my knife
you would hate me if you knew
you hate weak people
Somehow you always came back at just the right time
Just as I would hold it against my skin-
the phone would ring
I always knew you would come back
Something happened that night
I dont know what or why
but you havent come back for me
I sat up all night
listening for your car-
it never came
I have to apologize
because I admit that I have cried
Im sorry but I am weak
I cannot pretend anymore
Everytime I pick up that knife
I hope to see your reflection
standing behind me
Im sorry for whatever I did
but please dont leave me
I admit that Im weak
and I cant do this alone
I dont want you to hate me
I want you to save me
Come back for me
Im so trapped in this room-
only memories to keep me company
Maybe tomorrow the phone will ring
or maybe I will hear your car
Just please let me see something else in my knife besides my own blood and tears
Im sorry-
Please come back for me.