Come Closer

Come closer, closer still,
Forever approaching darkness till
Closer you get, deeper you fall
Into darker darkness than all

And none could ever start to know
all the pain you feel but never show.
Let it invade your body, soul and heart
Let it show you how life tears you apart.
Oh darling, you’re almost there
Let it break you, enhance you
Make you fell so much more than you do.
Come on, come closer, closer still
So you feel your heart and mind fill
With deeper darker darkness than before
Come on, come closer and open that door.
Don’t be afraid, don’t fear
There’s nothing that good to keep you here
Come on, come down
There’s this place in Hell where a smile is a frown.
Don’t worry about a thing
Can’t you see life ain’t worth living ?

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By LifeisDeath

I live Death...