Cometh thee, to my Den…

The girl walked on, slowly, yet surely, to the forest. The shadowy, dark forest.

She heres a cry of a dieing wolf, far off. An old alpha, being slain by the new master of the pack. She keeps walking, her emotions driving her soul far back as she just walks…forever and ever…

She keeps walking, remembering the alchohal her father had drunk, right after he had killed her brother. Oh god, why has all this happened! She felt the blood on the side of her cheek. Her blue jeans getting muddy, her white clouse with buttons down to the very last two, unbuttoned.

She remembered alot now, what had all happened. A fog rolled out into the forest, she got lost, but didn’t care. Oh how she had fallen in love! Her father never let other humans talk to her children, and how was she suppose to find her place in love, if not for her brother. She had always loved her brother, but never in the way anything physichal ever went on. Till one day, a few years back, she had seen her brother…making love to himself…if you get the drift.

She kept walking, a howl here and there, all around her. She could die right there. Over the weeks, her brother and herself began to mess around…experiment. Eventually it led to love, and she had fallen in love. The years pasted, and all was well, never a pregnancy, or soemthing that would suggest to the father, until one day, while by the stream…

A wolf pranced by the girl now, and she jumped a little. More wolves shadows began to appear, and she just kept thinking.

By the stream, her father came down to fix the pump, and foudn them kissing, passionately. He holared at the boy, going back in the house. Her brother followed, and the girl followed her brother. Right as he stepped up, the father lifted a gun from the window, and show at his son, killing him there. Then seeing his error, put the barrel in his mouth, and-

A man walked by her,a nd she really did jump. This man had a certain animalistic nature to him, and took the girls hand, leading them to a large cave. She glared in to the dark, looked to the man, but the mand wasn’t there. Instead, a mad wolf, brought to madness by the moon. She walked in the den, and looked around. Bones and men, women, and children. She looked, and the wolf was gone, and the man stood. “Cometh thee, to my den…”

She unbuttoned the last two buttons, taking her shirt off, then undoing her jeans, and panties and socks and shoes. She layed there, naked, and ready to die. The man began to turn into beast again, and within moments, the beautiful girl thougth her last though, before raving fangs began to rip her flesh apart.

‘Love…does it kill, or does it merely invoke the pain?’

By FearHate

I am Man, I am Beast, I do not hate, but I do not love. What am I?