coming to reality


As i sit watching the blood realse itzself i relax telling miself that itz time im finally live az mi friend slicez her wrist open we lie next to eachother smiling az i look and her nude body she stopz breathing thou ive been bleeding mi blood for hourz she diez az i wait for mi time mi parentz walked five dayz later i go to her funeral wishing it waz me dead az i walk in the door of mi home i look @ mi lil sis and neice and mi brotherz az mi parentz call me into their room they show me paper work for a fucking cyk ward the say that itd be good b/c i lost mi one and only friend and the finally found out i waz a cutter (ive cut since i waz 8 and now im almost 15) they apologize for nt being there and the day they sent me off i came to reality that i just want mi story told i waz in teh ward for 3 weekz nothing changed except mi life waz gone that i saw mi love die in mi bed and now im alone writting mi life on a web site that i come close to fit in with az mi life iz consumed with death i look around and tell mi self that i will be known and hope that ill know mi self by then and beable to say im truely happy itz time to come to reality..

By closethedoor

all i want is to be me without thiz fuckin world judging me for the fact im different just let me be