i dont know if i should write this but here goes (mourning star if u c this could u plz make a comment on it)

some1 i know has just changed they went from likeing pop music to being a goth then they started to cut themself i cant work out ifshe does it 4 attention or not she doesnt mind ppl seeing her arm and every1 knows about it. she says shes depressed and thinks about death when i told her i put something on this site she said “what your not depressed and think about death all the time” i said i could write on the site if i wanted. but anyway she saysshe depressed which i dont believe for a minute she doesnt know that i feel down and cut myself there is no one i can tell bcuz she would just say why are u copying me your not depressed so i dont think i can tell ne1 about incase thats what she thinks i dont know what 2 do i just feel so down.