When I was younger I lived in Salt Lake City. I was sort of obscure. Liking fuzzy mittens and bunnies, it seemed like everyone dismissed me as a person. Growing older I no longer like fuzzy mitten, cotton is great. It seems while everyone says why don’t you like me for who I am, when was the last time you liked someone for who the are. True goodness is not about being conscious about making everyone the same, but sympathizing, so everyone feels better. Before I left, I realized my family was Mormon, but all of them were really good to me. It did not make sense to put them down. After a long time people started to trust me again, and I got my life together and moved. I got involved with groups that sideline Goths for Arts & Crafts, not to make a statement. I am an artist. I make a statement everyday and often it is not the same statement. Icky Stuff still bothers me. Even people who are not Goth make fun of me. There seems to be something about the statement, “I do not like smashed kitten and severed heads.” Try not to be preachy, but who cares. Most of the time people do not care unless art makes a statement.