convos between strangers.

reality is very confusing. i don’t understand it sometimes, it seems like a dream. who ever thought that that girl always falling asleep in class, the one with the emotional outbursts, the one who seems to change moods more then she does her tampons is clean?


She’s clean bro. She use to be FUCKED up. but i don’t know. She went one a few trips over the summer and last i heard, she’s fucking clean, goes to NA meetings and shit.

No. I remember once she was passed out during finals and the teacher kept trying to wake her up and she just kept falling back on the desk. When he threatened to call the cops she FLIPPED OUT. She went after him, slugged something in the princepals office and split her hand, the whole things was swollen the next day, she couldn’t move it. Didn’t ever go to the doctore for it, but thats why her right hand is always red.

I remember when she had been up for about 4 or 5 days and came to school with her face covered in scabs. I guess she found a flashnight and a mirrior the night before.

She use to have a stuffed animal named Fink, she carried it around for a long while, made it into a bag at one point it had so manny parts. So fucking confusing, but i guess it was a good pipe case, at least thats what i heard from her.

Remember when she would like be up for a while get a bunch of free dope, get bored and just pull people in with her on her binges until she fell asleep and then push them away like trash?

Like that time she invited that one girl home after school? the next day the girl was all fucked up, couldn’t make any sense and shit?

Yeah!, tht waas funny cause she just laughed at the girl freaking out on shit.
I Remember when she like did a shot or something in the bathroom. Didn’t come out for 45 minutes, when she finnaly did she stumbled around for a while, planted er ass on a chair and just kapt bobbing her head. She’d nod off with her head haning and drooling to one side then spring it up for a moments and let it fall back. I had to give her a ride home that day.

didn’t she live right behind the school?

Yeah, it takes longer to drive there then to walk there.

Fuck, what’d you do?

Took her home, helped her undress and get into bed, stayed with her for a while, she was really messed up.

yeah i remember that.

When i took off her shirt there were track marks all over the inside of her elbow. The other one looked fine though. But her left arm.starting at the elbow and running down to the back of her hand was coated with little bruises and sores and bumps and shit. it was so gross.
the worst part was that she had her equipment ready for when she got home. i took it and threw it out the window on the freeway.

jesus…. well it’s nice seeing you again. by the way, you know if she’s single? She was pretty fucking hot before she got real strung out, and she’s supposed to be a fuckin’ freak.

She’s engaged.

really? she’s not even 17 yet. not that big cuban guy?

no, she just met this guy in NA and i guess it was love at first sight or something. but he’s just as weird as she is. it’s pretty hard to grasp. their like little kids. but they go through the motions of adults, like they hold down jobs and support themselves and shit.

fuck. she’s all grown up now. who is the guy?

i don’t know but he’s 30.

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