makeup covers her plain face
she’s nothing but a disgrace
not an angel fallen from grace
she’s just here to take up space

cosmetics, masks, anything will do
cover her face, cover the truth
such a pitifully self-imaged youth
there are no words for her heart to sooth

dye her hair every other day
thinking that maybe her soul she can save
wants to give up, in fact she just may
there’s nothing you can do or say

beauty is artificial, choke on her deceit
nothing more sickening could you ever meet
she’s failing, this agony she’s dying to beat
she tries but it’s worthless and her pain she does keep

vanity bleeds, hearts are crushed
in this game that we call lust
beauty kills, and pain it must
as your cosmetic world crumbles to dust

( Let me remind you: stealing is a crime. Let’s save us both the hassel and yourself the humiliation, don’t steal. I take pride in the crappiest of my writings. )

By Dollie Stitches

I'm young, I'm immature, I'm stupid and I'm an aspiring writer. Then again, this is what this country is nowadays, is it not? I'm German, but I live in the US (Texas to be exact). I write a lot but I'm not that good, I like to sing and I like webdesign, I like to eat and most of all I like to sit on my ass and if you don't like it, I don't care because I look different from everyone else with my caked on eyeliner and snow white face but I look JUST THE SAME as over half of you and the thing is that I just don't care. So, call me gothic, call me punk, I'll call you a moron and tell you to shut the fuck up. All of us look the same, listen to the same music and write about the same things so why are we so different? We're not, you people who SAY we're different make us different and it's you people that MAKE ME SICK because we'd be just as normal as everyone else if we didn't fucking CARE. Every one of you who says they "don't care about labels" is lying to yourself in one way or another because we're all hypocrites and we're all stereotypical bastards. Welcome to America.