Creatures of the night

When darkness arrives
Fear for your lives
For the creatures of the night come
And they will leave you numb

They hate you as much as the sun
And they will spare no one
Blood drinkers and blood spillers
Black hearted evil killers
They embrace darkness
And are very fearless
Cuss under the light of the moon
You will know them as the creatures of doom
Who will save you
They can not be killed by some mortal crew
Where ever you run or go
They will know
And as you hear the screams of women and children getting killed
You suddenly know how these creatures are thrilled
Now you mortals know the true meaning of sin and blindness
As this is the punishment for being cruel and careless
But when out of the shadows he came
Not like them not the same
His eyes and hair black like the night
His body filled with power and might
He has come to save humanity from this feast
Even though they have treated him like a beast
They fall by his blade one by one
He sees nothing in this but fun
And when the last is dead
And his dark prayers are said
For as truly as he is a servant of the night
You will in deed feels his dark might.

By Nightblood

17 and from the cold Denmark. I have always loved to wirte poems, and when i found i feel in love with it