This news has me excited, but I’m trying to temper my excitement after having just seen RAMPAGE. Just because a project has been greenlit (green-lighted?) does not necessarily mean it will result in a good movie. I enjoy dumb fun, when it is served correctly. Silly cinematic shenanigans. JUMANJI: WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE proved that the recipe can work and work quite well. The disappointment that is RAMPAGE notwithstanding, the idea of a live action movie based on the Creepy Crawlers toy line holds much promise. IF they don’t try to make it anything more than what the recipe calls for, a cheesy, silly popcorn movie, an amusement park ride projected onscreen. Do NOT try to turn it into a straight Horror movie padded out with adult fare. And do NOT let Michael Bay anywhere near it.

Creepy Crawlers, if any of you out there don’t know it, is the name of a line of products originally released in the 60s then re-released in the early 90s that lets kids create their own jiggly, gooey little creatures and even human body parts. Just good clean fun. Hopefully the movie will be, too.

Am I the only on with the commercial theme song stuck in my head? “Creee-eee-peee…crawlers…!”