Scathing the neck and back… This girl couldn’t get enough. She could taste his very essence through his holesome blood. What was it about this guy that drove her insane?!

The small switch-blade that was selfishly dug into Brit’s skin was pure ecstacy for her. His partner, couldn’t get enough of the crimson flood that came after. Why did she lust for him? They laid in his bed. Back towards her, he let his lover slowly cut and lick the wounds on his back. But they had to be fresh. They could not be tainted with the vile residue of scabs! His heart was racing. He had never given this much blood to a women in his life. He could have drowned in it by now.

He was beginning to feel faint. The dimly lit room was spinning. But the she stopped….
“It’s your turn.” She said, twirling the knife deftly in her fingers. He tried to turn over, but he couldn’t. They both began to realise that the bed was nearly covered in his blood. He had not stopped bleeding. With back covered in scars and tremors full of the life giving substance, He knew that along with his final breath of life itself, the substance was drained away.