Crimson Beauty Prolouge

(It was cold and stormy on the night he came to me. I had never seen anything so beautiful before. He had the beauty of a crimson angel. His long silverish blonde-hair gracefully flowed down his back and over his crimson cape. It seemed to frame his face perfectly.

His skin was pale yet had a mysterious glow. It was the smoothest, flawless skin I’d ever seen. His eyes were as gray as a stormy sky on a dark night. They seemed to be torn between something i couldn’t quite grasp. When he stared at me with those gray eyes of his, it was like I’d known him all my life. He seemed to float right off the ground. When his lips parted to speak, he revealed two long incisors. He noticed my eyes had gotten bigger and said,”Do not be afraid my dark angel i would never harm you”. All I could do was stare. Finally I said,”I could never be afraid of something as beautiful as you”. He held out his hand and said,” Then come with me”. For a moment i started to reach for his hand but stopped. Suddenly I was to afraid to move. “I am…afraid, but I can not resist going with you. Please, what shall I do?”.”Here take this”. He handed me the reddest rose I’d ever seen and a card that read my name ‘Trinity’. I opened up the card and it read,”Wait for me. I shall return.” Then it was signed ‘Crimson Rose’. I stared at his unusual but fitting name and then looked up to tell him that I would wait, but when I looked up he was gone…

The vampiress

By dArKcRiMsOnRoSe

*~hot~goth~with~a~desire~to~find~ her~dark~crimson~rose~that~was~lost~in~another~life~ without~him~life~is~empty~*