crouching tiger, hidden dragon (don’t you hate subtitles?)

I dried my hair and looked into the fogged over mirror. He is going to be here in less than ten minutes, and I’m playing with my hair? I hurried off to my room and grabbed my brush, rushing back to the kiddie-like bathroom, I blowdryed my hair in a hurry; not caring whether I looked stupid or not. I am going to see a movie… well, kind of.

I turned and rushed back to my room. I’m more of the simple sort, so I like my room with little design, besides the dark drawings and grotesque pictures clinging to the wall. I hopped on my bed and looked for some pants. I never seem to get ready in time, and I always hear it from my housemates.

I’ve been living with these three college aged women for about a little over a year. They’ve been keeping me out of trouble. The only thing I don’t like about them is that they never tell me when I have guests over, esspecially my Josh. Josh was been my boyfriend for almost nine months, which means a great deal to me. I never have been able to commit myself to a guy or chick over three months. I almost feel that I love him. I turned around to just see Josh standing in my doorway. He was aterrible habit of catching me not ready. I jumped a little from the surprise. (I hate being suprised by him, he can be so creepy!) “Josh! You suprised me!” I said, startled.”Yeah, I always seem to do that, don’t I?” he responded cooly.He always seems to be so mysterious or dark. I never can quite put my finger on it, but he has something that brings a silent shiver crawl over my back. Maybe its the evil inside of him. I don’t know.”Well, are you ready”, he smirked, looking down at my uncovered legs.I jerked slightly at his joke, and rushed to find some proper pants. “Almost, give me a sec. What are we seeing again?” He grinned his evil little grin and slouched against my door frame. He has such a wonderful way of doing that, I only wish that I knew what made it so great.”Crouching tiger, hidden dragon; almost sounds like a chinese porno or something.” He laughed at his little joke and watched me pull on a pair of my faded blue jeans and run some careful pale fingers through my bright blonde hair. I should have known that those brown eyes had something planned for tonight; I just never seem to think of it at the right time.enough for now, issa has chores to do.

By starlavampire

here i am. i am issa. well, actually, we are issa. i guess that probably doesn't make sense, but yes. that is us. i like things.


  1. Subtitles bad?? What are you thinking? You can’t tell me that you did not like the movie… I mean its better than most of that hollywood bullshit they’ve been making.
    I, for one, enjoy subtitles. They’re better than having some baaaad dubbing (need I mention Jackie Chan movies?).
    Maybe you don’t like the fact that when you are doing something else (which I assume if you have a boyfriend) you look away and thus miss the story line.
    Oh well, I forget whatever else I was going to say…

  2. Honestly, why post drivel if you can’t even bother to finish your story. Though admittedly, from the way it seemed to be heading, I don’t particularly want to hear why you hate subtitles. Try Blockbuster next time.

  3. If you don’t have the guts to post with a name, why post as Anonymous? Do you not have confidence in your opinion?

  4. Why post against what someone has to say if you can’t even post a name for yourself? If you feel the need to drop your shit here, at least put a name on it with pride, instead of hiding away as anonymous. Most of us here find it rather irritating that someone can’t even have the guts to admit to a posting event, good or bad.

    It’s not that I agree to the original article, I like having subtitles myself. It brings about a sence of imagination, and the story sticks in one’s head better than fleeting voices.

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