crucified for their stupidity

Deep within their circle of christian prayer… I ponder at their darkest fears.

Hope to destruct their Godly and fearless view, him and his twelve apostles.
Just sitting and staring into the ring they form while holding each other’s hands. wondering just what they see I can’t even begin to think how idiotic they look.
Mear thoughts of them lieing on the ground gouged in scars and stench. Their families writing the eulogies and carving the epitaphs, mourning to the site of a self mutilated body. All died from their God’s decision to sacrifice them all.
Never finding faith in his purest heart, so stubborn we are.

As the chimes ring their circle breaks and I watch them enter the shrine to sprinkle their absurd holy water on themselves. Preach each other blind with their insecurities of losing the faith in their religious theory.
As the hours go by I become restless and decide on my morbid prank. walking to my friend I ask him to follow me.
When we reach the crucifix in front of the church’s doors… i step up onto the feet’s support. Taking a hammer and nails to my wrists, he nails me to their figure of worship. Just as he’s finshing nailing my feet to the supports they all come outside to see what all the hammering was about.
My friend was leaving and the blood from my wrists were running down the wooden cross.
As everyone stood in awe, i slowly lost my life to the darkness and left them with this image of just how their god died. Trickle by trickle of blood, patting against the ground, I died for the thought of their stupidity.


  1. i want to tell u that you have a very deep view in religious aspects. that was a very thought out and well written piece. you made some worthwhile points although i urge you to look deeper into the christian faith and try to look at it in a different light. once you make it past those shallow hypocrits who call themselves faithful, u can find the people who truly understand Christianity. Do not talk to your local priest, because chances are, hes an asshole who doesnt know what hes talking.

    one day, you will find someone who truly believes. not someone who blindly accepted the faith and believes just to fill that need for something higher to keep them feeling secure. but this person will have questioned, critisized,and studied Christianity. this person is an example of what Christ wanted us to be.

    When you meet this person, learn from him or her with an open mind.

  2. Hmmm, over the past year I have started to question and criticize Christianity. It feels like I am loosing faith rather than understanding it more. Well, I do understand it a bit more, but at the same time I find it quite annoying. It’s annoying to me in the sense that I feel we are praising something we cannot see or touch. We’ve learned all our religion from the Bible and people’s word. But it’s all based on things that happened thousands of years ago, plus, historians say that the past can change quite a bit and become a deranged myth, practically. I know they also say the stories in the bible aren’t really history when it comes to actual dates, but we still know it (obviously) happened some time in the past (or at least think it did)…I just don’t feel I can believe it anymore. Everytime I hear people mention anything about Christianity, I roll my eyes in disgust.

    By the way, I like the way you wrote this piece of yours. It’s good.

    -shit from the MAGGOT

  3. Blasphemy is so 80’s.

    The imagery was trite,but,hey,we can’t all be Anne Rice. Not that that stops anyone from trying. It was a cute piece,but,honestly,the whole “Christians are hypocrites,let’s poop on their god-forms.” is just a tired-out paradigm.Hell,Anton LaVey actually would poop on their god-forms,and he’s been dead for years.

    If you’d like,I can tell you exactly what “their darkest fears” are: They’re the exact same darkest fears you have. They’re afraid of being lost and alone in an uncaring universe,afraid they won’t be able to pay the bills,afraid they just aren’t smart or pretty or funny enough to make it,afraid that that guy one cubicle over will get the promotion they need to help pay for the new baby,afraid the company will lay them off right after the new baby comes along,afraid of all the vicissitudes and darknesses of life.

    If you want to hate them for doing what they have to do to make it through the long cold nights,feel free. personally,I just pity the poor bastards and try and help them out when I can.

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