Cry towards the skies

When real men cry towards the skies,
And ask for their forgiveness,
Under the illusion thats all in their mind,
And i ask myself why, do they,
Cry at night, and pretend to the day,
that its alright, that its all ok,

If you look closer to his skin,
You’ll find hes not winning the war,
And if you ask him where hes walking,
He dosent talk, because he dont know,
He just follows the same road,
But he dosent know, he dont know,

I look around him, hes deserted from the crowd,
He looks at me, i guess im not much to see,
But he knows i see hes running away,
Just hiding his face, hiding his place,
Hes lost at the table of our lives,
But what do you do when a real man crys?

What do you do when a real man reveals his tears,
After all these years, you saw him as an idol,
So why do ya back away when you see him cry?
Hes chained around the wrists, pulled by the creature,
Who takes him round in circles to the underworld,

Do i say its ok? even though he knows,
From his life that hes not strong enough,
Do i just let him walk out the path,
When it might finsh really soon now,
Did he choose the wrong way out?
Or did i drive him cause he told me to.

By Skitzin

Over the last year my life has been full of emotions. I have had some kind of depression, which has made me realise how pathetic this world can really be. I have became an outsider to a crowd of happy people. I now try to get rid of all the anger and such, with the use of lyrics, with the thought that i would get it out of my system.