Cryd&Died Cause You Lied

Promise me you wont cry while you watch me die im already dead gone insane and confuesed in the head and i wanna lay
down in my bed while clouds form above me and rain drops fall then drip down my face instead of tears an wish i could be with her instead of thinking of her for the rest of my years my wasted days arent worth living if your not near i was spose to be fearless but this is now my greatest and only fear everything that was blurred is now clear na thats where i lay in this clouded rainy shade of gray and watch it all take a certain fade and become more envolved in my dicision the one i dont want to make i know its going to be a mistake but its to late to be saved now i just crawl and prowl the moon glows
while the wolfs howl and i feel a certain death take place in my gapeing chest where a heart once lie so now i wonder

By ThorinTheLost

HehheH AnD YoU WaNnA KnOw WhY i KiLL PeOpLe