Cultic Deceptions

Syn walked through the pet cematary, or so the townspeople called it, to the desolate flower shop that had been abandoned many years ago. Stories claimed that there were haunts and casted away spirits dwelling in the quaint building. But that wasn’t why she was there. Her light, strawberry kissed hair fell in her face as she looked down upon the note in her hand. “The old floral shop, 12:30 pm. Be there, we’ll we waiting. -S & M” Was all it simply stated.

Being that daring young woman that she was, she decided to go, unknowing of what awaited. She knew nothing of the oddities that went on in the town, not that anyone knew. Everyone was oblivious to the darkness that settled here for the night. The small wind blew her petite, white dress closer to her lanky body as she reached her destination. Taking in a deep breath, she touched the doorknob lightly, and it thrusted open. Her brown eyes dialated as she looked about the darkness, nothing could be seen. “So I see you’ve made it.” A masculine voice noted.

Nodding her head, she swallowed hard, trying not to show any nerve. As she entered, there seemed to be a small path of light dancing across the dusty wooden panels. A hand touched her back as it led her towards a small room. She looked around and noticed that in the back of the room stood about fifteen other women, yet they looked different. They were all wearing black cloaks over their long black dresses and pants. The occasional tap of a boot was heard as it echoed up into the small rafters of the enclosed area. In the middle was a table with four candles alight, one was purple, another white with a golden bottom, a fat pink one, and the last was a black candle with red entwined within it. “Welcome m’lady. This is our sanctuary.” Waving a hand towards the women, they each nodded. “It’s a pleasure you could join us on such a…fine night.”

He stepped out into the light, he was also wearing black clothing with a black cloak. His dark hair was purposefully messy, or so it seemed, and his peircing green eyes stood out across his features, but nonetheless he was a handsome man. “My dearest Syn, take a candle from the table.”

How did he know my name? She thought quietly as she sauntered over towards the small table which beheld another four candles, but these were candlesticks. Shrugging, she looked them over, one a raspberry color, another a pine green, one a bright orange, and the last one which was the most beautiful. It was white, yet there seemed to be a type of decal in it. She ran her fingers over the indentations. Appearing to be satisfyed with her choice, she turned around, facing him. “Now light it.” He said, staring at the candles in the center, a smirk appearing across his features.

As Syn walked over, she looks over her choice once again, her head cocked. Murmuring small words to herself, she placed the wick of her candle upon the black and red one. “YES!” The mysterious man rivaled.

Taken aback by the sudden interuption, her brown eyes fell upon him. “Ah, that I am sorry, for I have not introduced myself. The name’s Malacai, and these…well, you’ll get to know these ladies if you choose to stay here…or stay friends with us.”

She nodded again, not speaking at all, for she didn’t want to give herself away. He took her hand and lead her through a door on the other side of the room. “Helen, acompany us.” He barked, keeping a hold of Syn. He led her into a room with a canopy bed, black sheets all over. The room was dark as well but the walls seemed to be a crimson color. All three of them entered the room. “Now Syn, your decsions have been chosen wisely up to this point.”

She raised a brow towards his words, she was feeling comfortable with him. It seemed as if she wanted to stay with him for a while. “Helen is here for…witnessing.” His eyes narrowed in disgust, “Now, my cult princess, we shall make love until the sun rises. For it seems that you are my chosen one, my match.” His smile grew wider as he came onto her, their intamacy growing quickly.

Helen stood and watched the eroticy flame up. She longed to be Syn, she longed to be with Malacai. Leaning uneasily against the wall, she knew the kind of man he was. The name of the group changed every once in a while, to signify the new “queen.” S & M, Syn and Malacai, she remembered when it was once her day. But only for a day, he had grown tired of her so easily. As she stared at the two, she pondered what she knew, that every woman in the previous room had once been with Malacai, but was now only considered a rat.

By *Methane*

Basically, I am in love with music, mostly consisting of punk, alternative, and classic rock. Hah, I don't really know what else to put, maybe it's because I'm far too ordinary.