sometimes when i’m feeling scared,
sometimes when i’m feeling sad,
i cut,
deep into my wrists,
it hurts,
but it makes me feel like the pain is coming out of me,
and feel like it will never return,
i do it over and over agian,
untill the blood is gone,
what am i suppost to do,
i dont want help,
i just want to feel,
to feel real,
the only way i can is to cut,
i keep the blood as a reminder that noone loves me,
noone gives a shit,
where should i go,
i have so much pain,
that i just can’t control,
it only comes out in the form of red,
deep red,
just like my cuts,
that show the pain that i have inside.

By twistedfaith

writing my inner thoughts that come from my brian, i don't know where they come from but they sound like i'm in vein, all i want in life is for someone to understand me, but i don't think that will happen so just let me be.