cut and bound, alone in the dark…

So cold
So dark
The darkness surrounds
My soul shaking and fading
My life has come to its end

Im fading
Im falling
Uncontrollable hating
Eeach second of my life
The moment is present
Still, I must die

A tear running dry
A person denies
Afraid of his pride
A tear that is lost
Its gone
In the wind
But the pain still surrounds
His areas within

Misery and sorrow
Has entered my faith
Its ruining and demolishing
Penetrating till death

Hoping for hope
Hoping for faith
An emptiness unfolds
The happiness is gone

Death and suecide
Rules the world
Survival of the fittest
Death of the poor

Pain is the solution
Kill all conspiracies
Well, hell with hell
Armageddon has already been

Of oblivion and anger
Of execution and denial
Of pain and the anger
Of the words that is said

Fear in me
It goes so deep
Deep within my soul
Digging me down
Dragging me under
My spirit is penetrated
A lifetime of achievements
To hell with it all

Step down
From your throne so high
Or Ill make you fall
Fall to my level of class

Push me away
As if I care
No one sees my meaning
About pain, faith and contridiction of meanings

Ive got wounds in my soul
Its hurting so bad
I feel weak and cold
Lying dead on the floor
Heal my wounds
Take me in
Im yours to keep
At least for a while
Ill see you next time

Im slipping away
Im rotting to dust
My head are so cold
Like winter-time is here
My hands are white
And seconds from falling off
To lie shapeless on the ground
Im dead
My life goes to hell…

Hold my hand
Make me feel
Complete my soul
Push me to your place within
And Ill be
For the reason to be
Next to you

Lying on the floor
Intentions has failed
We need a remedy of trust
Or the faith will be lost

Leave you

Looking up
From underneath
Thats how low I am
Watching your joy
Your greed and your smile
Your life of achievements
Just waiting
For the Holy Ghost
To take you down
To bring me up
To leave me there
And Ill turn to you

Ive got hope in my words
Comotion in my head
The remedy of Evil
Has come to its end

Like a lock without a key
A city with no door
A prayer without faith
Like a bad word
Lying cold
Dead on the shelf

Looking into darkness
The people who tries to survive
The people without faith
No hope
No joy
No light in their dark
You think they are non-excistant
But theyre every where you go
Just watch your step
And watch where you walk

The skyes
Holds their position
As the sun goes away
Fading into the black colour of the night

I woke up by the rhytm
Of raindrops dancing
On the window pane
It reminds me of suffering and pain
And the intentions of the Free World
Capitalism stole my integrity

Lets talk about someone
No one
Im affected
By your mind and your soul
Your brains and your cold
The comotion
That you have in store

All we do
Eating and repeating
The remedy of life
Has abandend
And its gone
Together with technology
The kind to explore

No regrets
No looking back on sinking ships
Im down
Cut and bound
Counting scars
And blessings from aloud
Theres no worry
Just simple therapy and hate

I might need a sedative
But I hate the taste of medicine
I need a permanent solution
Or else I will fail
Vaper into dust
Be nowhere to be seen
No point in being alive and well
Fuck it, Im already dead

I hate this place
I need a permanent solution
A remedy to leave
A license to impress
A rescue from depression
A subscribcon to exploid

The devil and the sin
It matches the colour of your eyes
The cruel behavior
With the good intentions
Its an assembly for my mind

One step away
And youll slip on the edge
One footprint away
And youll lay there
Not moving your bones
Desperatly shouting
At the bottom of an avalanche

written by a bored commie named magnus(its a norwegian name…)

By cut and bound, alone in the dark...

Im a Norwegian Commie, and I dont got anything to do so I sit all day and write a lot of bulls**t poetry n' stuff... That and I listen to music like Marilyn Manson, Deftones and that kinda stuff....