I hear of people hurting themselves
by mistake
I look at my arm and see the cuts and they were
on purpose
I see people look at the knowing not why I made a cut

I used to hate pain
I love it now
I look at the others like me
the black make up, spike bracelets, cuts, and black clothes
I think to myself why do they cut?
I realize what i said earlier to people who asked me
i had said with a dark tone “Leave me th fuck alone why do you care.”
They look terrified
They were scared
They were scared I would hurt them
I suddenly awoke out of my memories
I shouldnt ask
I didnt want people to ask me
I shouldnt ask
Suddenly thoughts came in my head
When i was a straight A student, my first boyfriend, the baby picture i adored of me, When i worked at the day care center, my first middle school tears, how i never used to live in one place for a whole school year, my best friend in 3rd grade and how i had to leave her.
Popping back into reality
People had starting looking at me
I hadn’t realized I was crying
I hugged Corey
He hugged back said it was ok
through all his pain and suffering
he always seemed to have room to care
I looked at my cuts
‘Why do I cut myself?’

By Serenity ~Moon Goth~

Yes I know that my username isn't how you spell Wiccan