I miss you daddy
Why won’t you come back?
I need you daddy

I’m crying here in class writing this
I just sit and think of you
Please come back daddy

People ask whats wrong
I dont answer them
It’s hard to say my daddy left me
when I was young and now he’s gone

you don’t call on christmas
you don’t call to tell me Happy Birthday
you don’t even send a card

I haven’t seen you in about 6 years
I was 8 then
That was the first and last time I saw you
and heard your voice
I’m 13 now
Are you even still alive?

Where is my half-sister lauren?
I miss her..
Where is my half-brother ryan?
I miss him..

Mom told me you had another child
Was it girl or boy, I wouldn’t know I have never seen it or heard about it other than what mom said

Why did you leave me?
Was I or Am I not good enough…
Why won’t you come back?
For even just a little while, for even just a “Hello.”

Do you even care?
you should see me now daddy
I’m wearing black to hide the pain you caused

If I died,
Would you even care?
Would you be at my funeral?
Do you even love me?
Do you even care if people hurt me? With the names and the snickers..

Why did you leave me?
Why won’t you come back?
Why don’t you love me?
Why don’t you love me daddy?
~*~I miss you daddy~*~

By Serenity ~Moon Goth~

Yes I know that my username isn't how you spell Wiccan