i try to speak, but from my mouth
my tongue is stilled, no sound or shout
i raise my hand up to my breast
my heart is stiller, now at rest

i look across yon yellowed water
and see a victim hiding under
lover, kindred soul to mine
i pull him out from swampy wine
his arms, they slide around my waist
he kisst me with a passion’te haste
then deep within the river-reeds
we made love on ground that bleeds
and i hold him ‘neath the gallow’s tree

but jealous angels saw our love
and glared down from the sky above
i held his lifeless body near
and wept for him, all of my tears
the angels in the heavens laught
they lookt upon with demon’s mask

but raven’s saw and spirits told
and from the heavens they took his soul
and brought my lover back to me
in tears of joy, fell to my knees

his warm embrace and soft sweet kiss
ensure me of what i would miss
he whispered soft “Mé grá tú, love”
and smiled up at stars above

we laid in silver mists from sea
and watched the dark skies pale
his ear presst by the heart in me
my arms around his body, frail

the jealous angels filled with fears
because they’d disregard my tears
and ravens’ bled while spirits stole
my lover’s priceless glowing soul