Damned Lovers

Red The Dark Pirate Prince i am
Sailing my ship through a never ending dark mist
Forever alone to sail on my sea bound home
My ship rotten and full of holes
My ship stays a float and is powered by dark souls
Damned to never see the light of another day
Damned to kill anything in sight
And to know i didn’t choose right
Over the years my treasure grows
Almost more them my ship can hold
A never ending greed
That i can not spend
A never ending life
That will not end
Mornign, day or night
I never know which is right
I spot a new soul
Dressed all in white
Floating on a few boards
From my slaughter the other night
Her life so dim
Her soul so drained
But yet i can’t seem to bring myself to cause her pain
I took her in and nursed her well
Knowing one dya i would have to send her to hell
Days turned to weeks and weeks into months
But yet i could not let her go
I could not steal her soul
Her beauty amazed me
And looking into her eyes just felt right
I knew i would have to let her go
I could not currupt her pure soul
She came to me and stood by my side
Dressed in a black dress with a sword slung at her side
With a twinkle of evil in her eyes
And a grin of satifation within
She took my hand in hers
And whispered three words i’d never heard
We sailed off into a never ending night
And a never ending life.

By Red The Dark Pirate Prince