Dance With Darkness


After working my evening shift and getting home, the thought of food came upon me. I didn’t have much in my apartment for food, but luckily, I had a five dollar bill on hand, so I figured why not just walk around the corner to Taco Bell? I decided to change into some black clothes so I would be harder to spot by any unwanted company. Since it was early summer in Texas, I threw on some black slacks, a tank top, and my favorite arm warmers.
As I walked down the street behind the small apartment complex, I had a strange feeling that I was being watched from up above me.
Upon entering the restaurant, I ordered what I normally order, sat down and ate. After a well-enjoyed meal, I figured I should head home to sleep, even though I didn’t have to go to work the next day.
As I started to pass behind the complex again, the same feeling of being watched came over me again. This time though, it didn’t come from above. It came from behind the plants which grew behind the building. When I looked and saw a pair of red eyes, I knew I was in for some trouble. A man of about six feet came out, who looked as if he were about 35 years old with long blond hair, staring straight at me with those fiery red eyes.
“Come and be mine forever,” he said to me as his eyes started to glow. I somehow felt I was in some sort of trance as I walked toward him, somewhat unwillingly. He took me into one arm, and with the other hand pulled out a knife with about a 5 inch blade and stabbed me in the side of my back, which pulled me out of his spellbinding trance. As I yelled in pain, I heard another voice call out “Stop it, Dorian! Leave her alone.”
Upon hearing the voice, we both looked to see another man who looked about 20, around 5’7″ with hair that was much darker and shorter and a pair of mesmerizing ice-blue eyes. At first glance, I looked right into his eyes and a strange feeling overcame me as my heart began to race more than it did before, like he was someone I was searching for my whole life.
At that moment, Dorian clamped his arm in front of me and held the blade to my neck.
“You’re a fool to interfere, Ciaran.”
“I won’t let you hurt her, especially by making her your eternal slave.”
As I heard this, I thought, ‘Eternal slave? Are they vampires?’
“Hah”, Dorian started up again. “Your infatuation with her makes you weak, as well as your reluctance to feed on mortals. You can’t hope to stop me from doing what I will.”
I looked into Ciaran’s eyes again, and I could tell that Dorian was telling the truth about him. His eyes were filled with desperation as he looked at me, contemplating what to do.
I suddenly remembered that Dorian’s long coat had not been closed, offering a fairly easy target. I took my booted foot and swiftly hit his groin, which caused him to double over and drop his knife. Ciaran took it as an opportunity to get away.
“Come with me,” he begged. I did as he wished, wanting to get away from Dorian. We ran around the corner to the Chicken Express, where Ciaran’s car was waiting. Not bad, I thought, a black Contour Sport. He didn’t have to tell me to get in. As we drove off, I saw a dark figure round the corner, and I knew it was Dorian, no mistake. He quickly began pursuit, and I watched in amazement as he jumped on top of and across buildings. He tried a quick leap of faith towards the car, but Ciaran quickly changed lanes so he could not reach us. As we continued, I watched as he lay in the middle of the road for a minute, obviously in some great deal of pain. Silence took up a few minutes of the drive, then I finally managed “What is going on? Why are the two of you fighting over me?” No answer.
“Dammit, answer me!”
Still nothing from him. After about ten minutes and several turns, we finally pulled into the Stonehenge-looking area in the park near my house. He sighed after shutting off the engine, then finally, “I’m sure you’ve figured out by now that we’re vampires. I’ve been watching you from afar for about a month now. When I first saw you, I was mesmerized by not only your beauty, but by your soul as well. Not a pure soul, but not an evil one either. I wanted so much to be with you, to cherish you forever. Unfortunately, Dorian has been watching you as well, for about a week. He doesn’t care about anyone’s feelings or lives. All he cares about is fulfilling his lust for sex and blood. When I found out he was going after you, I couldn’t sit back and let him harm you as I’ve seen him do to so many others. I had to protect you, because,” he hesitated, “I love you, Devona. I know it sounds awkward, since you don’t know me very well, but it’s the truth. I love you very much, and I will do anything and everything to protect you.”
As I gazed into his eyes, there was no doubt in my mind whatsoever that he was being true to his heart in everything he said. My heart raced half in astonishment at his story, half in desire of his love. We drew in to kiss each other, but were interrupted by a massive blade stabbing into the roof of the car right in between us. It was pulled out shortly, and quickly reentered the roof, stabbing Ciaran in the shoulder. He let out a cry of horrible pain before the blade was drawn out again, and through the holes, I could see Dorian, the blade sticking out of his sleeve. He jumped off the car on the passenger side, pulled the door off, and grabbed my arm, yanking me out and holding me with his arm again. Ciaran quickly got out of the car to confront his opponent so intent on getting his way.
“Give it up, Ciaran. She’s mine!”
I watched a stream of blood run down Ciaran’s right arm as he reached into his coat. We looked into each other’s eyes, each with both desperation and a quick plan. I gave Dorian another swift kick, watching him double over again as I backed away. Ciaran pulled the knife that Dorian had dropped earlier that night and gave him a quick stab in the heart, turning the blade while it was buried in his chest. At that, Dorian knew his life had ended as he collapsed to the ground.
“Are you all right, Devona?”
“Yeah, I’m okay.”
I could see that Ciaran looked fairly weak, as he was having trouble standing.
“Lie down, Ciaran,” I ordered. He did so and I removed the coat from his right arm. The cut in his shoulder was incredibly deep, and I knew he would die if I didn’t do anything. I suddenly remembered the black bandana I slipped into my pocket before I left the house. ‘That should work’ I thought to myself, pulling the bandana out of my pocket and tying it around his shoulder. I saw that he had either gone to sleep or gone unconscious, but hopefully, he would be okay. Exhausted myself, I fell asleep right next to him.
Maybe four or five hours later, Ciaran woke me.
“You okay, Devona?”
“Yeah, I’m fine. You?”
“I’ll live.”
Looking up at the sky, I could see the morning sky start to light up in shades of violet and some slight pink. Ciaran looked toward the east and gained a slight fear.
“Get in the car, Ciaran. I’ll drive.”
He quickly tossed me the keys without question and we got in. Best bet was to head back to my place, since it was very close. When we arrived, I could see the sky was getting a little brighter. I unlocked my door, got him inside, and quickly closed and locked the door back. Main room still wasn’t a safe bet though, so I guided him to the bathroom. After getting him in there, I grabbed a pillow and my flashlight/lantern. He’d be in there a while, might as well make it somewhat comfortable. I headed back in, pulling the door shut and placing a towel at the bottom, so as not to let any sunlight in.
“Why not just turn on the light?” he asked.
“The switch is on the outside of the door. That and I’m more comfortable in the dark anyway.”
He gave me a small smile as I placed the pillow on the edge of the shower stall and took off my arm warmers after we both took our shoes and socks off.
“Thank you,” he finally said after a minute of silence.
We smiled at each other before sharing a loving and passionate kiss. Small at first, then our tongues danced with each other as he laid me down on the pillow. We held each other as our kisses filled us with such passion. He slid a hand down and began to caress one of my breasts gently, but enough to make me breathe heavier. The other hand came down and did the same, both for a minute before he slid his hands down lower and lifted my shirt off. More caressing followed before I slid his coat and shirt off him and he took my bra off. He slid down and sucked on each of my nipples before coming back up to kiss my lips and caress my breasts again. His hands slid down again, this time to undo my pants and slide those off. I did the same with his as we continued to kiss each other. Still in our underwear, I could feel his hardened penis pressing up against me before he removed my panties. Likewise, I removed his underwear to reveal him as he started to kiss my neck. He stopped for a moment, looked into my hazel eyes with a mix of desperation and desire in his eyes of ice-blue, and “I love you” were his words. I responded with my own “I love you.” I thought it somewhat odd after only one night, but it was the truth, no doubt in my mind or my heart.
“Will you stay with me for eternity?”
“Yes,” I replied, appreciative of his concern for my feelings. I knew what he was asking, but I didn’t care. I just wanted to be with him.
He gave a bigger smile than before, then lowered his head to continue kissing my lips as he started to tease and play with my clit, making me breathe heavier again. After a couple of minutes, his penis entered me, filling me with both pain and pleasure. His thrusts were fairly slow, but hard, causing us both to breathe heavier than before as I wrapped my legs around him. He continued thrusting harder while still kissing me deeply on the lips. Then his pace quickened slightly, making us start to moan. He sped up a little more so we moaned louder, even through our kisses. His pace increased a third time, both of us nearly reaching our climaxes. Slowing his pace a bit, he then thrust even harder, making me yell out in such painful pleasure it could not be contained. In this high point, he began to kiss my neck again. I started to feel him nibble as we both hit our climaxes and he cummed, then I felt him sink his teeth into me. I could only gasp from lack of breath, feeling my heart rate slow and my body go cold as I was being drained of my blood. I became weak, nearly fainting as he pulled away to look at me. It took a couple minutes for me to come to my senses. I could feel my newly grown fangs in my mouth, and then I looked back into his love-filled eyes.
“Thank you.”
I just smiled and said “Anytime” quietly as he looked in my eyes.
“Such an eerie yellow, yet so intriguing.”
I could tell he was talking about my eyes through which I could see much better now. We kept staring into each other for a minute, then shared one final kiss before slipping into a deep sleep in each other’s arms.

By devona85

Devona is actually the name of a character in a story I'm currently working on. I'm not posting my real name on here.