I vowed that I wouldn’t cry

Wouldn’t let any tears fall

And all the same it was a lie

There are no more reasons to stall

I swore I didn’t even care

That you didn’t matter much

Now I don’t know what to do

Except to sit here and frown and pout

I should have known better

Should have known you’d leave

So now as my cheeks get wetter

I scream how I won’t grieve

I didn’t say wait or even hold on

I watched you walk out the door

Thinking that you’d be home by dawn

But you didn’t come back to fight anymore

I was asleep on a tear stained bed

Trying not to dream of you

Or the cruel things you said

But all the words were still new

I fell asleep with my heart bleeding

Pretending that you were dead

But really I was the one dying

With dreams of you dancing in my head

By LilDragonfly

I have a tattoo, and if u r a good lil freak, I'll think about letting u find it...