I’m totally cribbin’ from bloodydisgusting.com (https://bloody-disgusting.com/toys/3546991/toy-fair-neca-reveals-toony-terrors-including-jason-voorhees-freddy-krueger-pennywise/) on this one. I freely admit it. And since I’m only helping them with their circulation, I doubt they mind it. Someone working on their behalf was in New York for the recent New York Toy Fair and I wasn’t. It’s as simple as that. They reported on all the neato stuff that was on display, and now *I’m* reporting on it, passing it along to you, our dedicated readers, who may or may not also be followers of the aforementioned bloodydisgusting, or who may or may not have been present in New York at the Toy fair yourselves.

There’s so, so much stuff that was revealed there that I want, that I will have to buy when it becomes available. But I have to give the award for the cutest product to the forthcoming “Toony Terrors” line from NECA. Transforming Jason, Freddy, and both versions of Pennywise (the Tim Curry versions from 1990 and the Bill Skarsgard version from the 2017 film) into cartoon characters, and then transforming those cartoon characters into action figures. Adorable! I think I like the Jason one best. How about you?

Give these to all the small, impressionable children in your lives! Let’s start that traumatizing early!