I think about you in the darkness- sitting there again in your chair- pissing the night away- trying to numb the pain in your life- through your darken veins- your only escape- to make the world fade- and you don’t even care-that it could be the means to your end-your soul shredded- and your heart is drowning in the sorrow that you hold on to- you used to be so full of life- but now you would sell your soul just to get high-just to get by-the black and blues – you’ll never get used to- make you wish you weren’t alive-the salty taste- of the tears on your face- makes your mouth dry-he hits you again- and rapes you- he brings you down- and you know only one way-to get yourself back up-in a time long ago- you where so beautiful- but now your snow white arms turned black-I watch your writs bleed- your body need- you used to stand tall- it hurts me now to watch you waste to watch you fall

By lustfulangel

i was born i lived and will soon die. live fast party hard die young live in the minds of all those of whom you've touched for eternity.