Dante’s Hall…

Be gone screamers of slience bringers of pain, cloaked in darkness you mock my actions of pain.
My soul is torn, I curse you, God of Hell, as you pierced my tortured soul, what horrors I felt.
You spoke of quite solitude, to tempt me to your lair.
Then enclosed me in my troubled heart and into depths of dark despair.
Now I beg you rise up, Protect me from Tisiphone, from hell’s eternal fire.
With all my voice I scream to you, Protect me from the Night.
Yet you leave me, banished, I heed the demon’s call.
Calling me by silent screams to enter Dante’s Hall.

By sweetdreams21

I have been writting for a while and I thought I should finally start to post them. i'm 16 without a job or boyfriend.