His hood revealed nothing. His voice almost seemed trapped in the folds of the deep
Velvety darkness. His voice could do nothing but frighten and console her simultaneously because it was filled with such emotion.

The wind continued to beat at her face with such ferocity that she felt like it the man controlled it. He hated me. I was sure of it. Yet he felt something that went beyond love for me also. Beyond ………

She woke up to the ringing of the bells. . It was midnight. And all she new was that she had to go. Now! Two…. three…. four…she was out of her bed t-shirt on and running for the door gasping for breath. Seven…eight…nine…. her bare feet hit the ground. The cool wet grass, sending chills up her spine. Ten…. she had to see it.. Her heart was pounding inside her head sending vibrations throughout her body. Eleven…she hit the ground as pain shot up her back to her neck back down her legs. Yet she knew as she looked up at the sky, empty of the moon, that she was safe. The last bell echoed into the night. She shook with sorrow, tears being welcomed by the grass.

“I see you’ve made it my changeling,” the voice was full of malice. It was also female. She didn’t want to look at her but her eyes were drawn to the shadowy figure leaning against an oak tree as if it pained her. She was walking towards her and as she wanted to move she came to find that her body was useless. The folds of this woman’s cloak reminded her of something as her bare feet struck the ground faster and faster. She couldn’t move. Reflex made her close her eyes suddenly as darkness flooded her vision. Hands gripped her as power surged through her and the voice commanded, “Get up my changeling.”

She began to understand that the darkness she was seeing wasn’t darkness at all but her eyes. This lady that held herself like a queen had eyes darker than nothingness. “Rise Dargona, my newfound changeling and behold…your first transformation. Welcome it and it shall be pleasure fear it and it shall be pain beyond your greatest imaginings. Understand this …the blood that flows through your veins is tainted and you shall never be a true dragoness. Nevertheless, you are my daughter and although you are weak now I sense a greatness that blinds even my eyes. Learn quick for you have little time,” the woman’s face was now visible and as her eyes became blue she looked at her with an expression of such compassion that it looked as if it hurt her. Stepping forward this queen bent down to touch the girls back where her brand burned like fire. Pulling her hair away from her forehead she bent down to touch her forehead against the girls. Words echoed in her head as the void again filled her vision………….pain shall follow…love shall be gained only if you forget the laws of man that you live under and follow the instinct that is imbedded into your very soul, as each life comes and goes certain patterns shall arise…learn from them…and you will break the chains of the paradox bound to you…break the chains. …And be strong….

Her vision cleared. They stood there again. Man and woman cloaked in shadow as the rain began. Pattering harder and harder until each tiny drop sent needles of pain into her body. Yet the child felt none of it. She screamed.