Dark Angel’s Sweet Embrace

A fallen, shadowed Angel,
He walks across the Earth
To find the single being,
That’s destined his from birth.
This is no superstition,
He knows this is no game
Because he knew he loved her,
Before he knew her name.
Another fallen Angel,
She senses her is near
She trusts that he will find her,
The man who’s soul she shares.
She’s waiting in her silence,
There in her darkened place
Although she’s never met him,
In dreams she knows his grace.
The longing becomes stronger,
The Angel’s senses grow
They’re ever moving closer,
Although they don’t yet know.
The wheel turns in their favour,
He gently strokes her face
The two souls come together—
Dark Angel’s Sweet Embrace.

Although their bodies move on,
Their souls care not for time
Eternally become one–
Dark Angel’s Souls Entwined.

By Beautiful Mess

The product of a twisted childhood. You laugh at me because I'm different, I laugh because you're all the same.