Dark Delusions

Here is another that i thought someone might favor, enjoy:

Through life’s desolate roads we tumble,
Stumbling across these jagged rocks set firmly in the sand-
Hidden behind these curtains of darkness.

A cold comfort thrust in the back of our minds-
Illusions of deception incasing the pathway to the reality once known.
Endless cycles of emotions flowing through the circuits of our lives.

Footsteps thud ever so warily,
The tattered leaves can no longer scream out,
Ceasing to foreworn of the perils that wait.
In this moment of time, is where death lingers.
Patiently seeking revenge upon all that is alive.

I can only hear my heartbeat,
Keeping steady rhythm-
Feeling the cold breeze caress my face-
Breathing the damp air that gives me life.

My thoughts paint the picture-
Remembering the countless hours spent here.
Those known rocks that are hidden,
Behind this darkness of night.

But my memories still show the way,
Letting me know which steps i should take-
Which steps that could make my world crumble.

The intincts i trust whisper,
“It is there, waiting with cruel intentions-
Waiting for the instant to strike.”

I fear, fear the past.
Lost in these woods so familiar.
I know i must keep watch-
Listen for that unknown adversary.

I grow frail; slumber will one day summon me.
I shall not resist it, but instead welcome the silence.
If i were to cease to exist-
Where would i go?

So many questions that haven’t answers to be given-
I will only know when i seek to find the answers myself.
Yet, through the years it will keep it’s dark secret-
Always hidden, until someone else wanders in to the darkness.

I’ve not always written in free verse, but perhaps this will capture someone’s attention. It has been a pleasure and i hope you would be kind enough to leave a comment to tell me what you think.