Dark Kiss of Evil Chapter 1

Sodina pushed a hand full of her hair out of her face as the wind outside refused to die down. She hated the winter time and more than that, she hated walking to school.

-“What fucking choice do I have? I can’t miss anymore days.” Sodina mummered to herself.
Her eyes drifted up at the sky as it looked of snow might be coming. She wished it would. What better way to leave school early.
Sodina Pental was a normal girl, or so she saw herself as being that. It was her last year at Willmood High School which she was too happy about. Not having many friends in the first place, she was ready to move on to college and was planning to attend in the fall of next year.
To Sodina, her life seem very boring. she never found anything to do and was mostly lonely. She hated that. Sodina would see how a few class mate would invite her to a get-together or a night out. But for some reason, before Sodina knew it, she was making up a lie as to why she couldn’t go.
(For once I wish I could get out and have fun. But I just can’t seem to fit in any crowds.)
And this was true. She would make herself go out and have fun. But when she was there, she was always standing or sitting alone. And it wasn’t because she thought she was better than anyone. It was because she didn’t know how to get involved.
Sodina life at the time seemed to be going down hill for her. Her parent picked the perfect time to get a dirvice. Right at the beginning of her last her. Her mother was depressed all the time and was either working all the time or getting drunk.
(A topic thing for a mother to do when she has problems!) Sodian thought bitterly to herself.
Sodina had just been fired from her job because of staying after school for testing. She was failing her senior year and the test had to be made up. After 5 in a row, her boss said it was an excuse to just be lazy from working and was fired on the spot. Nonless to help, Sodina was still failing and feared she might not gurate on time.
And to top the cake of problems, the only person whom Sodina could turn to was her boyfriend Tony whom she loved to bits. She would always find his shoulder to cry on and tell problems to. Tony would conformed her and always kissing her, telling her that things will work out which in Sodina’s case, they didn’t. And then, Tony decided he was tried of hearing those pity problems, or so he called them, and told her he was finish with her. After all, it was his fault she was walking in the cold winds of December. Tony was her only ride to school. No bus came Sodina’s was and it was a 30min walk to school. In order to get to school in time to be help by one of her teacher of a class she was failing, she had to be at school an hour early. Which means in this case for Sodina, she had to leave her home walking at 6:00am in the morning before the sun was up. It was dark and cold and no light came until she was in the school at sometime 20min. till 7:00am.
So anyone at th school who said they had problems, Sodina dared them to compare theirs to hers.
It was just Sodina’s luck when A car roared up beside her with the lights on bright and the music blashing. Sodina quicked her speed as the car drove beside her. The window went down and Sodina a brust of warm air and the smeel of smoke as Tony suck his head out the window of the back seat of the his car he was letting some else drive at the time.
-“I thought that was you!” Tony shouted as the music was turned down. “Get in baby, you look cold!” he said now in his soft voice.
Sodina stopped and glared at the car full of boys.
-“Hell no! And anyways, theres no room!”
Tony soft blond hair waved in the wind as the car came to a stop and Tony opened the door.
-“Get in! Don’t be like that! It’s freezing out there, we’ll make room.”
Sodina hated it when Tony offer ehr things now. It made herslef feel lower and more sorryer than she looked.
(But now is not the time to be too proud) She decied and got in between Tony and another on of his friends.
The inside of the car warmed Sodina up quickly when it drove off. She looked arould to see another boy driving and another in the front seat. Friends of Tony She didn’t want to know.
-” How have you been?” Tony questioned trowing an arm arould Sodina’s shoulders.
-“You should know. You got tried of hearing about them.” Sodina said quickly looking t the floor.
-“Oh yeah, same old thing. Same old problems. That Sodina for you.”
A few of the guys laughed. But Sodina knew to keep her mouth closed.
(Just don’t say anything. Be happy for the ride.)
But that when Sodina looked up and notice they weren’t going the way to the high school. Tony must have seen Sodina expression because he laughed.
-“Oh, were just taking a little ride. Thats all. It’s too early to get to school right now anyways.” Tony said blowing smoke in Sodina’s face.
-“Yeah but, I’ve got to get to school early, you know that.”
-“I know-but while get right to the school…” Tony leaned forwards towards the boy driving, “after we go by my house to get something Brandon.”
The boy named Brandon laughed and nudged the boy next to him named Chris.
-“Fine, but can we please get to school!? I really can’t afford to be late today. I’ve got a test I NEED to study for.”
-” I won’t be long-right Alex?” Tony asked looking at the boy beside Sodina.
Alex wasn’t smiling at first, but he seemed to chacge on to something and laughed.
When the car stopped outside of Tony’s house. Brandon shut of the car and everyone begained to get out.
Sodina looked around shocked and didn’t move.
-“I though you said you’ll only be a min.!?” Sodain asked as Tony opened the door for her.
-“I am. But who’s wants to sit in the car waiting? It’s much warmer in my house. Come on, we-I mean- I won’t be long.”
Sodina narrowed her eyes at Tony.
-“No. I think I’ll wait here. I’ve been walking in the cold for days now. I think I can stand sitting in a pre-heated car since you said you won’t be long.”
-“Don’t be such a bitch Sodina-Get out!! Damn, what’s gotten into you!? You act like we’re going to do something to you!!” Tony snapped grabbing Sodina’s arm and pulling her out of the car, slamming the door behind her.
-“I won’t be long.” Tony now smiling while leading Sodina towards his empty house.
Sodina had seen this angry of Tony before. It flared out whenever he didn’t get what he wanted. And now. Sodina felt she should have gotten in the car in the first place.

By Dark Angelique

I'm not a vampire. But I wish I were. I so I write about them and I am told, my stoires are pretty good. What do you think? But let me ask, do you believe in vampires? That seems to be the question I'm always asked becasue thats what I write about. Srange, but I do not believe. I need to see it to believe it. Thats just how I am. But a side from that, My love in them will always remain the same. Just so you know, I am not the type to Write a story and not finsh it. Thats stupid. I don't like unfinshed things. So my promise to all of you is, every story that I write, now matter how long, (and the longest time it will take for me to post more is 2 weeks and no more than that) I will finsh everything that I post. A promise to you from me. And please send me your comments. Email or post no matter how cold it may be, I like feed back. Let me know if I need to add something or stop something in my writing. So if you've got all this time to read this bio, you've got time to send me something. Email or whatever. I'm all ears and I will write you back. Do enjoy my writings and thank you~