Dark Kiss of Evil Chapter 12

Sodina sat in the car as the speeded down the dark road towards her home. Her eyes looked over at Maxiumus only to find that his eyes were glued to the road.
-“I think it’s time for me to get some answers here Maxiumus.”

Sodina said slowly.
Maxiumus said nothing, only continued to stair out at the road.
Sodina was belrly able to make out Maxiumus face in the dark. But she was determine to get some answers.
-“I know this has something to do with me.”
-“It has nothing to do with you.” Maxiumus answered in a voice that Sodina had never heard before. It was dark and deeper. A voice that she never heard before and it chilled her to the bone.
-“Maxiumus, what is going on.”
-“Things you woundln’t understand here.”
Sodina slumped down in her seat giving up. Thats when she notice that they were no longer on the road towards her house anymore but now on a freeway.
-“Maxiumus, where are we going?” Sodina asked sitting up a bit in her seat, looking over at Maxiumus.
-“To my place.” Maxiumus answered calmly.
-“Your place!?” a small hit of a smile went across Sodina face. But she quickly refused. “Maxiumus, this is nice of you and all, but I’ve got school in the morning and I’m pretty sure it’s late. Why don’t we plan to go over to your house like on Friday? I would like to see where you live.”
-“No, sorry Milady. But you saw that guy whom we talk to tonight?”
-“Then thats why.”

Maxiumus notice how quiet Sodina had became.
(If I intend to rid of this girl, I’ve got to do it now! I won’t let Damon have her all to himself! I worked too damn hard to get what I want from her! But…) Damon’s eyes pirred over at Sodina. (I’ve got to be all this much of a damn gentleman in order to get what I want.)
Maxiumus stopped in front of a red light that leaded out of the city and would be a hour drive to his home. His eyes pirred over at Sodina, her eyes out the window.
-“Sorry to have pinned this all on you Milady. His appear is my fault and i take all the blame for it.”
Sodina shook her head.
-“I no longer care about anything. My world, my life is so damn shook up, I don’t even care what’s going on anymore. When I finally think that things are going to change, here comes more bad luck! You should have let me died when i had the chance.”
A ping hit Maxiumus. He knew that if he was to hand Sodina death, she would gladly expect it.
(But this isn’t about what she want is it?)
And then, an idea came to Maxiumus he had never though of. A way that it wouldn’t matter if Damon came for her or not.
Sodina drifted of to sleep as Maxiumus drove. His mind was in deep though about what to do with this problem. he looked over at Sodina, her sescnt of the soft ocean breeze filled the car. Maxiumus had always wondered why he felt so drawn to this girl and no other. And finally it slowly, it made sense.
(Could it be that this girl is my true soul mate?)
Maxiumus could not believe his own words. But it seemed to make sense. A small smile crossed this vampire lips.

By Dark Angelique

I'm not a vampire. But I wish I were. I so I write about them and I am told, my stoires are pretty good. What do you think? But let me ask, do you believe in vampires? That seems to be the question I'm always asked becasue thats what I write about. Srange, but I do not believe. I need to see it to believe it. Thats just how I am. But a side from that, My love in them will always remain the same. Just so you know, I am not the type to Write a story and not finsh it. Thats stupid. I don't like unfinshed things. So my promise to all of you is, every story that I write, now matter how long, (and the longest time it will take for me to post more is 2 weeks and no more than that) I will finsh everything that I post. A promise to you from me. And please send me your comments. Email or post no matter how cold it may be, I like feed back. Let me know if I need to add something or stop something in my writing. So if you've got all this time to read this bio, you've got time to send me something. Email or whatever. I'm all ears and I will write you back. Do enjoy my writings and thank you~