Dark Kiss of Evil Chapter 15

Rain poured from the dark heavy sky, sending cold chills all over everyone. In the middle of a centrey stood a family, all dressed in black. They all standing under a tent that looked over a gave. It wasn’t many people there. Not many at all. A small group. Among this group stood Tony. No tear dropped from his eyes. Not even the though of one. He wondered why he was there. But he came to the expect to see how many people were going to be there. Not many. Tony laughed. He knew if would only be a few.

-“And we say good bye to this loving girl whom we knew so well.” The Rev. countined. “Such a normal life she had, to think it would end this way in a confusing way.”
-“Normal!?” Tony blurted out.
Everyone turned and looked at him with wide eyes.
-“She was not normal and didn’t lead a normal life!” He laughed, and laughed even more till his side burned. The family turned away from him and looked back towards the grave.
Tony laughed a few more time and wiped the funny tear, not moanful or sad in anyway. The tear that comes from laughing so hard.
He turned and walked away from the grave.
-“Good-bye Candy. Too bad we never founed you killer!” He shouted as he walked away from Candy’s furnal. No need in standing around much longer.
Tony walked a bit feather throught the cenmutary till he stopped and leaded back on a tombsone, pulling out a beer from under his jacket.
-“Thats so disrespectful.” A voice to the left of him.
Tony turned to see a known face.
-‘Oh, it’s you. That dude named Maxiumus right? What the fuck are you doing here!?”
Maxiumus closed his eyes.
-“I feel sorry for that girl.”
-“You killed her!! I’m going to prove you did it!! Just wait and see. And don’t get caught walking the streets alone. My boys are on the look out for you.” Tony waned smiling at Maxiumus.
-“I know that I can prove that you raped and harassed Sodina.” Maxiumus said on a key note, the rain beading off his black leather coat.
-“You can’t prove shit!” Tony snapped.
-“But a can.” Came a new voice behind Tony.
Tony spun around to find Sodina, dressed in a long black jacket, standing next to Tony. She smiled at Tony sweetly, her long black hair flowing in the wind.
-“My, don’t we look a bit Gothic like.” Tony said smiling at Sodina. “I though I told you to keep your mouth shut you little bitch.” he snapped getting closer in Sodina’s face.
Before Tony could move, Sodina hand shot out and grabbed a hold of Tony neck, stunning him for the moment.
-“I blame you Tony, for some the the greastest pain I’ve ever been through. So now, it’s your turn!” Sodina snapped Tony’s neck back by grabbing a hold of his hair and sank his teeth deeply into his neck, Tony screaming, cruising , and trying to pull away. But there was no escape Sodina’s death grip.
Maxiumus had to stand back and admire his work. He knew the eniter time that Damon had been lieing and the dead Sodina Damon held before him was not her. The sect of the cool breeze of the sea was not there. At the last moment, Maxiumus took the moment and rushed behind Damon, cutting his head clean off his shoulders with a blade that appeared in his hand. Damon was completely off and all he ever wanted was Maxiumus out of the picture. Maybe because Maxiumus posed a future threat or the fact that Damon was just really pissed at him, Maxiumus didn’t know nor care.
He later founded Sodina in Damon’s castle which he found no trouble getting into. True her neck was bitten. But fine and was sleeping. Maxiumus offered Sodina a new life and she expect.
Now Maxiumus looked at Sodina while she drank Tony dry.
(I promise, your life is going to change for the better.)

The End

Sorry people but that the end. But don’t worry, look out for
my next story. 🙂

By Dark Angelique

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