Dark Kiss of Evil Chapter 8

Maxiumus slammed the phone down and ran out of his house. Anger clouded his mind. Never have he ever been this upset. He moved with lighting speed toward Sodina house. Stnding in front of it within seconds. Maxiumus rushed towards the front door and stopped.

A low growl formed in his throught as he watched a cloud of smoke form up into a figure.
-“Get out of my way Elena!” he warned the vampire who stood before him.
Elena, a vampire herself smiled down at Maxiumus.
-“You haven’t changed a bit Maxiumus.”
-“Nor have you!”
Maxiumus angely looked up at Elena. A Gothic queen. She stood serior to all. Her long black hair that stopped at her waist flowed in the wind and snow like silk. She wore a long, yet tight red dress that was UN believe short and showed off her perfect legs that any model would kill for. Her eyes were yellow like a cat. Elena was a perfect vampire. All men fell to her feet before knowing who she was.
Maxiumus knew her well. But he wasn’t in the mood to strole down memriom lain.
-“Move Elena! I don’t have time for this!” Maxiumus roar as he could feel Sodina now just passed out on the floor.
Elena turned towards the door that was half way open.
-“Can’t you smell it? That girls blood fills the air.”
Maxiumus pushed Elena out of his way and hurried into the house to find Sodina passed out on the floor in a puddle of blood. She didn’t have long. Maxiumus eyes drifted to the blood that flowed so freely out of her. But Maxiumus was more fixed on trying to save Sodina.
Maxiumus snatched a towel off of the counter and wrapped it arould Sodina’s arm and lifted her into his arms. Turning to the door to leave, being alwoled accent into Sodina’s house once mover because she was on the verge of dyeing.
Elena watched as Maxiumus carried her out of the door with anger. And then he disappeared into the night air.

When Sodina opened her eyes again, she was no longer in her house but now, in a hospital bed. She looked around slowly, her eyes drifted up to the bag that hug over her, a clear one and another filled with blood. Sodina lifted up her arm and looked closely at the bandaged arm that the red tube suck out of. She sighed and put her hand back down on the bed. Sodina felt dizzy, sick, and weak.
-“So your awake.” came a voice from the door.
Sodina looked up to see Maxiumus standing in the doorway. Shame came over Sodina as she turned her head away.
(Here I was acting like a total jerk to him and he comes and saves me.)
Maxiumus moved and sat down in a chair in front of her. Not smiling like always when they meant.
-“I guess your going to tell me that what I did was very stupid and I wasn’t thinking, right?” Sodina said slowly looking up at him.
-“That was the idea but I think you learned your lesson. You almost died milady. Did you know that?” Maxiumus said calmly as if his voice might have a purr in it.
-“I’m..sorry. Look, can I leave now? I really don’t have the money to pay for all of this.”
-“It’s all been taken care of. I’m staying here till I can take you home. Will you ride in my car now? Or would you rather walk home 5 miles?”
Sodina smiled.
-“Would you walk with me?”
Maxiumus lend forward and placed a hand on Sodina’s cheek.
-“To the ends of the earth if I have to.”
-“How did you get to my house so quickly Maxiumus? I though you stared a few hours from my home.”
-“I was on my car phone when I was talking to you. But now I think you need to get some sleep. You’ve got another 6 hours here before you can leave.” Maxiumus said while standing up.
-“I owe you now. What can I do to repay you?”
-“How about talking about what cause you to do this to yourself.” And he walked out.
Sodina sighed and moved down in the bed.
(Maybe I can trust him.)

Maxiumus stood on top of the 20 foot story building outside on the edge, staring down at the lighted town. He was happy that he had gotten Sodina to the hospital in time. But his though were on Elena. As if a cue, She was behind him now, standing a foot shorter than he.
Maxiumus could smell Elena behind him. She smelled like hot cinnamon and fire. But with a small hit of burnt leaves. Maxiumus now hated that smell of that women.
Maxiumus lepted off he edge and onto he roof again, walking pass Elena without a word.
-“Why do you do this to me Maxiumus? It’s like I sicken you every time you see me.” Elena said coldly behind him.
Maxiumus laughed and stopped.
-“You do more than that woman! You not only sicken me but you burn my flesh and make me want to pill it off myself so that I might not ever feel the presents of you!”
Elena laughed and walked up next to Maxiumus, swaying her hips like she always did.
-“Those words are weak and they don’t hurt me in the least little bit. Weak words coming from a weak man. I suppose two and two do go together.”
-“What do you want bitch!?” Maxiumus snapped roughly grabbing Elena’s arm as hard as he could. But she only laughed. Maxiumus knew she was only enjoying the pain.
-“I guess I came three reasons. That might sum it up.”
-“And what reasons are those!?” Maxiumus growled, his sharp fangs growing long in his mouth, ready to attack at any moment.
-“One, I came to laugh at how foolish you are being with this moral. I know what your going through, I always have. She has a strong will yet when her blood was flowing ever so freely, you chose not to drink.A fool you are!!”
-“What business is it of yours!?”
Truth was, Maxiumus too didn’t understand why he didn’t take the chance.
-“Another reason I’m here is because I came to get my man back.”
Maxiums pushed Elena away laughing and walking back towards the door.
-“Don’t hold your breathe Elena!” He called back.”
Maxiumus walked throught the door only to be stopped by Elena as she flashed in front of him.
Elena moved up against Maxiumus, pressing her breast into his hard chest. Maxiumus sucked in a breath, trying to move away, only to be backed into the closed door that had leaded outside.
-“Remember the hot passionate sex we use to have Maxiumus? I know you haven’t forgotten me. No one could ever replace me.” Elena hissed in Maxiumus ear as her hand snaked into his pants, gripping Maxiumus dick softly, it hardening within seconds.
-“Stop Elena.” Maxiumus whispered on the verge of letting his pride go.
-“I haven’t told you my third reason why I was here.” Elena said as she suddenly stepped back.
-“You do know, your not the only person who want Sodina. Damon wants her too.”
-“WHAT!?!” Maxiums yelled. But with that, Elena was gone, her laughter still in the air as it echo down the stairs.

By Dark Angelique

I'm not a vampire. But I wish I were. I so I write about them and I am told, my stoires are pretty good. What do you think? But let me ask, do you believe in vampires? That seems to be the question I'm always asked becasue thats what I write about. Srange, but I do not believe. I need to see it to believe it. Thats just how I am. But a side from that, My love in them will always remain the same. Just so you know, I am not the type to Write a story and not finsh it. Thats stupid. I don't like unfinshed things. So my promise to all of you is, every story that I write, now matter how long, (and the longest time it will take for me to post more is 2 weeks and no more than that) I will finsh everything that I post. A promise to you from me. And please send me your comments. Email or post no matter how cold it may be, I like feed back. Let me know if I need to add something or stop something in my writing. So if you've got all this time to read this bio, you've got time to send me something. Email or whatever. I'm all ears and I will write you back. Do enjoy my writings and thank you~