dark kiss (vampire story)

There is a large gap in my mind from the past night; it must have started at no later than half past the hour of eight. Louise or better known as La Goulue, Nini belle-en-cuisse and I, were working as we always would on a normal weekday night. We were three beautiful women working towards the end of the century, which now had been named La Belle …poque.
The entertainment was coming to Paris, there were the cocottes, more alcohol, fashionable garments for us to wear and we must not forget the Parisian department stores. It was the French revolution, a revolution against privilege and inequity. We were whores and we were very good at what we did, as the people came into Paris for the new entertainment, we were squeezing every penny out of them. We would dance for any man who came to see the show. Many classes of people would visit from working class people to incredibly rich ambassadors and royalty. This was the birth of the Moulin rouge in the village of sin.

La Goulue was the main dancer in the show, she had long, curly, dark brown hair, her eyes were big and brown, and she was always the first to be picked out of the three of us. She had a curvaceous figure, and every man in France wanted to own her for a single night. Nini and I were popular for our own special talents. Many classes of people would visit from working class people to incredibly rich ambassadors. We would dance for any person who came to see the show as long as they had the money.

At about eight-o-clock it has turned the green hour. This is where the dancers, audience and the so-called freaks of the show would drink shots of a new introduced drink named Absinthe. Every person of their own choice would drink it with or without sugar, after that every person in the Moulin rouge would be hallucinating which made everything much more exciting. After drinking about four absinthes I knew I had to stop drinking, I was slurring when I talked, falling on floors of the great hall, I had to get some fresh air.
Drunk I leant against the wall, looking at the sky; it looked so much more beautiful right at that moment. I opened my bag and took out my Gauloises cigarettes, and put one in my mouth. I could not find a light; suddenly I heard a rhythmic tapping sounded like a Cain, or something along those lines. I looked up and noticed someone approaching me wearing a long cloak; he was tall or was it the size of his top hat?
My eyes were blurred, and I could just see the flame in his eyes as he lit my cigarette, for a moment I was drawn into his eyes, they were so beautiful, I felt as if I could not move. He kissed me passionately and I closed my eyes, he started kissing my neck, I felt excited yet strange. Then I heard Niniís voice shout, and he quickly moved away from me, still looking into my eyes, drunk I collapsed to the ground.

I woke up on La Goulueís luxurious red velvet bed in her dressing room, looking up to the ceiling. I was left with a bad headache and I felt really sick from the entertaining night from the night before. I was still wearing my evening dress that I had worn last night, which the duke had purchased for me. Nini entered the room, and helped me out of this tight Basque, I let out a large breath as the ribbons loosened. She gave me a look of sympathy as I lay there; I lost hundreds of francs because of passing out. She helped me fasten my nightgown and I was advised by her to stay in bed and rest the day.

I rested most the morning then at 12 noon I needed some fresh air. I stood up but gracefully fell back onto the bed, I was feeling very weak, I needed food. I attempted walking slowly across the room to open the shutters; the smell of fresh paint was strong, from them. I carefully opened them outwards, but was soon thrown back because of the sun. I had only just woken up, so my pupils obviously were not used to this sunny morning. Or so I thought.
I lay back down on the bed; I had to revive myself for tonight. I definitely could not miss another night of work. I needed the money. So I rested for the remaining hours of the day.
La Goulue came to check on me at five-o-clock; she also needed her room to get ready for the big show on tonight. I helped her tighten her corset, whilst she sewed the hem on her can-can skirt. I was feeling tired like the rest had not helped. There were so many diseases going round this week, I really hoped I did not catch one off someone in the Rouge.
I stood up, I felt really hungry because I had not eaten all day. I heard a little gasp, La Goulue had cut herself on the needle, and she was bleeding. I looked at her finger and it made me feel sick, the blood dripped onto her skirt. I picked up her hand, and wiped the blood off her finger. I felt that strong urge for something again, but as soon as I looked at her finger it went. She stood up, and sucked the tip of her finger, whilst walking round the room, I could smell the blood it was strong, and it made me feel that hunger again.
I stood up; I had to leave because the constant sickness was taking over me. I Walked to my dressing room, and bolted the door shut. I fell onto my bed, and thought about what could be wrong with me. Mr Laniel the baker had died of consumption 2 days after I had accompanied him after the show. That might be the answer, but I was not coughing badly like he was. I had not stepped out the rouge all day because I didnít want to catch any other diseases hat were roaming the streets.

I had a big show that night; I had lost a lot of colour the last 24hours so I took the rest of the 2hours to make myself look performable again. I was the main dancer for once in my life, so I had to give a good impression so I had the chance to become the permanent main dancer. After I dolled myself up, I was ready to perform, I still felt ill, and I also looked white, but I knew the show must go on. I walked onto the stage and we went through the routine and I felt that strong feeling again. All the dancers were with me onstage. Wearing their tight Basques and can-can skirts they all looked beautiful. I began to dance, and I felt better but I still felt that hunger.
The night seemed to last forever, and after the show I had to accompany the duke of Spain. I left early due to not keeping my food down, it was like I could not eat nor drink anything.
I went straight to Niniís room and tried explaining what was going on. When I got to her room, she was sitting at her dressing table wearing her nightwear. I sat on her bed; I saw her talking to me into the mirror as she took her make-up off. I walked over and help her untie her Basque, I watched her in the mirror as she innocently talked about her night. My urge came stronger than ever before, as she applied perfume to her neck, her veins seemed to beat rhythmically in my head. Strange as it seemed I wanted her blood, I could feel this sensation come over me like on the stage earlier on, seeing the flesh of the young dancers.
The dark stranger appeared in my head for a split second then disappeared, was it he who did this to me? I had heard the myths about the blood drinking creatures, but it was impossible. Vampires could not exist.