Dark Love

Lost in the mists of time,
Spoken words of dark love,

A girl of pure innocence,
A boy of wicked blood,
Found each other,

The girl burned as a witch,
The boy became a child of the night,
Cursed for eternity,
To live with the dark love they had made,
Lost forever in Hell’s glade,

For the girl to be reborn

Six centuries he waited,
Hopeing to see her face,

One night, while he was out to feed
He came across a girl he thought he remembered,
He gave her the dark kiss and delivered unto the hand of Death

And Death said, “Why do you kill love?”
He looked into the pale girls dead face,
And remembered

Weeping like a babe
He told himself
“I will suffer this curse no longer,
If we can’t be together in life,
Then let us be together in Death’s embrace!”

Then gave his hand unto Death
Death took his soul along with the girls.

Death said, “Remember, dark love is more powerful than even me.”

Then they were reborn, constantly looking for one another,
to one day be reunited.

By Savaain Nightshade

20 yrs old 6'1" 200 lbs vampuric necromancer just a lonely vampire