Dark Prose

This edition of Dark Prose features; leaving by Spider42, lighting by Spider42, and Frozen by Insomnis. Please read, and let them know if you enjoy their writings.

leaving by Spider42

The rain pounds the windows
Washing them clean

Like his soul
Tainted by the human race

To emerge clean and whole
The day he was
Born naiveté intact

That is his hope.

It is happening again

The opening of soul to

To smash
Against proverbial rocks

Why do they all leave, die?

lighting by Spider42

The lightening flashes across the prairie
Flickering in and out like so
Many burnt out neon signs

The thunder rages in her ears

She sits
Watching mesmerized

Wanting to fly across the land
With such speed
To be so loud
Everyone hears.

Frozen by Insomnis

Why can’t there be a fire going
Instead of sitting in the cold
Solid, still and no juice flowing
Joints and bones seem rather old

Mind is slowing, breath is short
Like a dragon in the ice
Heart is beating, thrusting, no
The fire would be rather nice

To say the bloody least

By Sire

I'm nude, want to see?