Dark Sk8er Chapter 1 for erotica readers

I had only resently moved from england to amercia but i had already built up a messed up reputation in high school. I was the new kid and whats worst i was from england! I had only just turned 16 and it was my first birthday in a new country. My bad rep had come from the high school football captain called me a limey girl cause i liked soccer. i was already pissed and mega stressed and i just flew off the handle straight away.

the guy was a year older and was at least 6 foot. Being only 5’7 i was an easy target or so he thought. he had a girlfriend and she was a cheerleader. her name was taylor. he liked showing off 2 her. she was very fit. she was about 5’5 tanned had big tits and a cute ass. she was extremly embarrsed as i broke her boyfriends nose with the first punch. as i followed with a left hook i knocked him out as his head bounced of the lockers. the rest of football team decided to give support to their fallen captain. it was a full blown brawl before the teachers arrived to break it up. when they were all pulled of a lot of them were nursing connections of my fists. i had a cut lip nothing 2 bad. i was instanly sent to the pricipals office as i set off i could see taylor staring at me. “what the fuck” i thought. they werent the cold eyes off anyonce or disblief or even anger because i battered her boy friend but of admiration. the pricipal gave me a right bollocking but he said as i was new he would make an exception. i havent even been here a week and i was already in trouble! I turned up very late to science class and we were doing chemistry. i explained to the teacher why i was late and went to sit at the back off the room. a number of eyes followed me as i walked to take my seat. a slight whisper went round the room especially with the cheerleaders. taylor who was the obvious leader of these girls had started it but she still stared at me in an admiring way. the chemistry was a piece of piss as i easily did it in the group i was put in. the experiment went quite well as i was with a group with a goth, the local muppet (who was always had the piss taken out of him) and a fellow sk8er. being a slight gothic sk8er i blended in well. at the end of class home work was set and prepared to go home. i went outside to see my scrambler trashed! revenge had been delt. taylor walked over. she asked me if she help her with her home work. “look i’m not in the mood” i replyed kicking my motorbike. “any how where lover boy!” “he is at football practice” she said softly. i sighed and thought to myself “you haven’t got any friends this could be an opitunity to get in the popular crowd” she lived at the bottom of my road its not as if i had far to go. “alllright ok i’ll help you what time do you want me over there? please bare in mind i have got to wheel my bike back and do some repairs!!!” “7:15” she said smiling. There was a tooting of a car horn and one of the cheerleaders mum pulled up. “hope to see u there” as she ran to catch her ride. i picked my bike and undid the lock as the car pulled away. they were all jeering and laughing at me. i just stuck up my middle finger as an answer. it didnt take long for me to get home and fix my bike and i had it running by 6:30. My mum called me in for dinner i ate it quickly. the time was 7:30 when i finished my chores. “fuck” i thought. i called out “going to a friends house to do some home work i got my phone” the reply was “be back by 2 at the latest!” i got on my bike and kicked started it into life and I raced down the road and staight on to taylors drive. she opend the front door ready for me and ran out to me. “i thought you weren’t coming” she sounded concerned. “yeah soz about that i had somethings to do and lost track of time!” i replyed as i climbed off my bike. she headed off inside and i followed her inside her and through to the kitchen there was already an empty bottle of budweiser on the breakfast bar and she took the top off another and handed it to me. “don’t your parents mind you doing this” i said before taking a swig. she shoke her head. “they are on a business trip in new jersy” “o cool” was really the only answer i could think of. After bringing the rest of the buds upstairs she lead me to her room. It was very dark and gothic candles were everywhere. so she had a secret she was a goth. i pulled my bag off from my shoulders and put it on her massive cast iron king size 4 post bed. she had disappered and had got changed into a short black dress with weird celtic patterns sewn into it. i chocked slightly on my beer as she walked in the room. “fucking hell” i said still chocking on the beer. ” what do you think” as she gave a little twirl. ” what ever your comfatble in” after recovering from the beer i replyed with a throaty voice. we got down to the reason i had come. the chemistry homework was easy so i couldn’t understand what she was stuck on. ” what is she on!” i thought as she got the concept as soon as i had explained it to her and she ripped through the homework like it was nothing. It was coming up to 8 o clock when we had finshed and i was already on my 3rd bottle. i don’t know how she had before i arrived but she to was on her 3rd bottle. “do you want a game of pool” was the question given to me as i was finishing the 3rd bottle. ” you have a pool table” ” yeah it is just downstairs in the pool room” and she lead me there. yet again the crate of bud was taken with us. as she racked the balls up i opened some more beer and handed a bottle to her. she broke and as the games minutes went by we were both having a good time talking about england and other shit as the time hit 8:30 she was completely pissed out of her face as she downed the 5th bottle but she knew what she was doing. she was a hunter setting a trap and was getting close to being caught as her prey. she was flirting big time with me as she kept on wiggling her bum at me when she qued and showing huge cleavage. taking advantage of her being drunk i pulled out my wallet and put 20 bucks on the pool table. “best of three games” she look ed and smiled “yea why not” and she racked up the balls i broke. i was quite good at pool so i beat her easily. 2 games to nil. in a competative mood she said “double or quits.” I stood there laughing ” ok.” She had finished her 6th bottle and broke. i again beat her 2 games to nil. “come on pay up u owe me $40″ she smiled at me. ” i don’t have any money but i do have this” and walked up to me give me a pasionate kiss. our tounges fought each other she pulled away. “fucking hell, do you want me dead” i blurted out. ” o come on” she said “you know you fancy me get your tool into me” and she kissed me again. i pushed her away “what about lover boy” i shouted “o he is still a virgin” as she came close and stated undoing my belt. ” wont he find out” i replied in between a kiss at every word and then another deep pastionate kiss. she pulled away “no” and kissed me again as we pulled away she bit my lip. i put my finger up to my mouth and looked at it. there was blood on but before i could say anything she sucked my finger and cleaned it. we kissed again and i rolled down the straps of her dress then unzipped it. as we pulled away it fell do the floor. this item was now discarded. she told me to remove my t-shirt so i did. we came close to each other kissed and rolled down her black thong. she gasped as i slipped my fingers into her pussy and started to mastubate her. we kissed and as we did she let out a little moan she was comming to climax and she orgasimed an cum went down her thigh. she pushed me away sat ont the pool table and grabbed my half empty bottle of beer and poured the contents down herself. “lick me” she comanded. “fuck you” i said. ” you can do that later! NOW LICK ME” she commanded again. i moved to her and started licking her stomach then i moved to her tits and she let out a little moan as i sucked on the and bit them. i then moved down to her thigh and started to tease as licked and kissed the inside of her thigh. she was not having that at all as grabbed my hair and pulled my face in to her wet cunt. she clamped the thighs around my head so i couldn’t move away. start to tease her again by blowing and just whipping my toughn across her clitorus. that was unacceptable coz she dug her nails onto my back and scratched. i started doing the full oral and she was enjoying it. she started to moan loudly as i was bringing her to climax. she screamed and cummed in my face as she orgasimed. she reallised my head and grabbed my hand and she lead me to her room. this time the little beer that was left stayed behind. she lead me to her bed an then we kissed again. then she whispered in my ear that she was in charge. noncomlience with her order ment a punishment. i definatly didn’t want to think of the evil thing that she would do to so i nodded. “get on the bed and lie down” she commanded i did as was told. “now stay there” she told me as she walked to her chester draws. she pulled out some hand cruffs. i noticed that there was more than one pair in her hand. she pulled off my trainers and socks and chained me to the bottom of the bed. she straddled me and moved up my body and she sat on my face. it was obviously time to lick her out again. as i did so she chained my hands up to the bed. i was now chained up like a st Andrew cross.she climbed of my face and pulled up a chair. then she undid my trousers and slid them down my legs then she pulled down my boxers. she was disapointed cause i had not done it myself and the fact she had to remove my restraints. she quickly put them back on. she went again to the chester draws and pulled out a dildo. she then sat on the chair and parted her legs and started to wank with dildo. i though you evil bitch and i started fight at the restaints. she looked at me in between moans and smiled evily. she started laughing at my huge erection. she stopped and walked up to the bed. “exactly what i wanted” and with these words she stradled me and rode for an age. she was screaming in pleasure as she rode me. she orgasimed again and again. she me moaning and panting with pleasure and i yelled “i’m cumming”. she stoped after she had recived my gift and she started panting. she got off me and walked into her shower. she washed her clit clean and the came back and sat on my face this time with her facing my tool. she took all of in her mouth and started lick and suck my shaft as i ate her out. she came quickly again but she wanted more licking and sucking. she was working hard at my tool bringing me to a full erection again. she started sucking furiously at it and stopped eating her out to moan and pant. she was wanking me with her mouth. she was going to have me cum in record time. i moaned loadly as i came and i had another orgasim. she swallowed all the cum as if it was a refreshing drink she kept on sucking until she had every little drop. then she got of me to undo my restraints. as she did so she asked “was it good for you” told her that it had been good for me and as she undid the last restriant she passionatly kissed me.she fell into my arms and we both fell asleep. i woke @ 1:45 in the morning and i left for home. as i walked out the i heard “bye babe we must do this again!!!”

look out for more dark sk8er happenings in the future! this is my first ever entry. yes i am english but i tried to keep american frases in. please give ne views good bad. i do realise that it is writen in a 1st person but i hope to write the next one in a 3rd persons view!!! Please give me imput on this story!!!