Dark Sk8er chapter 2 for erotca readers

I had only just arrived at school on the Friday morning when I already had a visitor. It was lover boy. The sight of him was extremely funny with his patched up nose and a huge bruise on his cheek. What wasn’t so funny was the fact that the principal was there. ” Jason come over here” he said sternly. I propped my bike and walked over. “Now I just want to no there is no hard feelings between you to”

I nodded my head “its how hard can crush your opponents hand time” I thought to myself. “Now I want u and Mr. Hawker here to shake hands,” he said to Butch. I thought “better get this over with” and I held my hand. Butch took it and me shook hand. He was crushing my hand and a look of hatred was on his face. Having my hand crushed wasn’t a lot of either but I didn’t show any pain. “Good” said the principal and he walked off. Butch realised my hand “the is far from over limey” and he walked off to the rest of the football team. “Just bring it you stupid yank”
I had left my bag by my bike and I went over to pick up only to find it wasn’t there. ” O for fuck sake!” “Looking for this” came a voice and I looked round and saw Taylor holding my bag. ” Can I have that back please I need to lock up my bike!” She threw it to me. I got my chain out and locked up my bike. The bell went and people started walking into lesson. We stood there for a second. “Hadn’t we be better go in to lesson!” I said. “Haven’t you forgotten something?” Taylor said menacingly. ” No I don’t think so apart of good excuse of why we are late!” I said sarcastically. She walked up and kissed me passionately like she had done last night. She pulled away. “Taylor” I started to angrily but she held up a piece of paper and passed it to “your homework” and she smiled and ran into the building and left me standing in the car park. “Don’t do that shit in school” I finished of the sentence by myself. I came out my trance and ran into school.
The day went quickly and when the bell rang I was invited to a game of baseball. I took up the invitation and told them I would meet up with them in an hour I had to collect my clove.
I walked to my bike and saw a crowd of people laughing. Just looking I could make out the cheerleading squad and the football team and various friends of theirs. I slowly walked up to see what they had done to my bike. I tapped on of the quarter back on shoulder and he tuned round. ” You have 2 seconds to get out of my way before my fist connects with your face” I said. Stupidity must run through a football squad cause his 2 seconds was up and he had a very sore chin. He moved out my way. I saw my bike covered in toilet roll. “You fucking pricks” as they all ran off laughing. I pulled all the shit off and I noticed a little note from Taylor on the floor. “Meet me at 8 at my house so that I can say sorry” I started up my bike and race out of the car park and headed home but before I could get out of the car park the football squad were all climbing in cars. I noticed butch get into his car and I smiled and I opened the throttle and sped passed them all.
I got home and crabbed my baseball glove and went to meet the rest of my class on the fields. Baseball was a piece of piss compared to cricket and I was easily the best player scoring home run after home run. I looked at my watch and the time was 6:20pm. “I gotta go” I said went home. There was a note on the door. “We have gone out drinking with some of your fathers work colleges. Tea is in the oven. Mum” I took the note of the off the door and walked put on the TV and warmed up my tea and ate. I was watching the time like my life depended on. As it was a Friday night I usually go out but this is not England so I just waited till 7:55 then I crabbed note pad and wrote ” gone round to friends don’t know when I will be back Jason” I stuck it to the front door and got on my bike and headed to Taylor’s house. I got there and parked up in the open garage and closed the door. I walked to the front door and rang the bell. There was knowing answer so I rang again. Still no answer. I decided to walk around to the pack of her massive house and I saw their indoor swimming pool. It was a good size. I detected movement in the water and there was Taylor. She waved me in so I went in through the front door and walked into a part of the house I had never visited and eventually I found my way to pool. ” Aright” I said and I walked and sat down on a deck chair by on the pool side. “Come on in” she said. ” I cant I ain’t got a costume” “so neither have I” This was the first time that I realised that she was naked. Her body looked so smooth and beautiful in the water. “Didn’t you here me ring the…” but I never got to finish the sentence because the door had gone. She grabbed her towel and ran to the door. I heard the voice of Butch (lover boy) at the door. I heard her say “what do you want butch you no I cant come out because I have all that work to do.” “That’s not what I came for” “what then butch” “this” I had found a cupboard (closet if you are American) to hide in so I was listening eagerly. I could here anything else but the front door had been shut. I was just about to come out when I heard a scream coming from the kitchen. It was Taylor. And it was a frightened scream not a pleasurable scream. “Butch no I don’t want to!!!” she yelled, “come on” he said. I got out of the cupboard so I could hear better. ” Please don’t butch I don’t want to” she had started to cry. “Come on or I will stab you” butch said forcefully. By now I had stealth fully moved from my hiding place and to the kitchen. I saw Butch’s trousers (pants if you are American) and boxers were round his ankles. He was pointing his dick towards he cunt. I saw a glimmer of a shining blade. “Taylor I don’t want hurt you” “please don’t dooo this butch” Taylor cried. “Fuck me now bitch” butch held the knife to her throat “or I will kill you” I had seen enough I stepped into the kitchen ” don’t you fucking touch her” I shouted. “What the fuck are you doing here! What the fuck is he doing here?” he yelled. ” You fucking bitch” I hadn’t seen it before but he had chained her to the breakfast bar. He threw her to the ground. ” I dunno what you are doing here you little shit but I am going to kill you” he turned Taylor and pointed to Taylor “and then I am going to fuck and kill you” “not today” I said bravely. No fear had gone through my body. “Die you fucking shit” he lunged forward at I dodged and kicked him to the floor. He fell heavily and he didn’t get back up. I went to Taylor who was crying uncontrollably. As I went to hug her she screamed “behind you” I spun round and the knife slashed my arm. Blood quickly appeared and started to trickle down my left arm. He attacked again and dodged and kicked him bollocks he fell to the ground and dropped the knife. He scramble for it as I too was going for it. He reached it first and he plunged it into my thigh. I yelled in pain. But my adrenalin had numbed it instantly. I punched him back down to the ground. They say you should never kick a person when he is down but frankly I didn’t give a shit any more and I booted him hard. I pulled the knife out my leg and held it at his throat. Taylor who was still crying “Jason don’t kill him!” He started to cry and whimpered, “don’t kill me man! Please don’t kill me” ” you fucking go near her again and I will chop off your bollocks and kill you!!!” he slowly nodded with terror in his eyes. “Give me the keys to her handcuffs” he pointed to the keys that laid on the floor “now get the fuck out” he got up and pulled up his boxers and trousers and ran out of the house shit scared. I picked up the keys and limbed over to Taylor. She was in shock as freed her. She clung to me till slightly crying “thank you Jason” “no problem” I said. She got over her shock and said, ” you’re bleeding, and you need a doctor!” “No I don’t” I said as she reached for the phone, “all I need is a first aid kit and some bandages!” she went off to go get them. I started to lose energy and pain returned I collapsed on the floor as she returned. I told her what to do and she did very quickly. She had done a good job coz my leg stopped bleeding. “He missed the bone,” she said. She had moved me to a couch in her room. All the bleeding had now stopped and I passed out. The next thing I new it was 11:30pm and she was no where to be seen. I limbed down stairs to find in the kitchen mopping up all the my blood. “Your awake” she said she dropped the mop and hugged and got off with me extremely passionately. “Thought I would give you a hand in cleaning up my blood,” I said weakly. “No you must rest,” she said. “Hey when are you going to apologies to me?” I said for a joke. ” At the same time I say thank you for saving my life” she said after she kissed me again. “But now you must rest you lost a lot of blood!” “Yea you must rest too you have had a bad experience” and she sat down. ” What will you do about butch?” “What do you think I should do?” she said looking up at me. “Nothing” I said, ” doesn’t show that you are scared!” “Why shouldn’t I go to the police” she asked, “It would our word against his!” She spoke confidently “there is one thing I will do” “what that” I asked. “Leave him for you” ” you shitting me” I said choking. “No I fancy you and you fancy me its perfect” she replied kissing me.
We just sat there talking for what seemed an age but a clock chimed in midnight. ” You look a lot better now,” she said. “I feel a lot better to!” “I think it’s time I gave you your apology” and without warning she slipped out of the gown she was wearing. “What time do your parents come back?” I said pulling off my T-shirt. “Sunday evening” she replied as she was undoing my trousers. She kissed me passionately just like she had done last night. She pulled down my boxers and kisses me wound. I flinched in pain. She took the head in her mouth teasing me. Then her whole mouth slid down my shaft. My pain started to drift away. She was liking my shaft and sucking me really hard. I started to pant and moan slightly. She put her hand on my thigh wound. I flinched again and I lost control. She was really sucking hard. Without warning I just came and she just swallowed it again still sucking. She came and kissed me again. “If that was sorry I can wait for thank you! ” I said out of breath. “Let me give you pleasure” she said. ” You do Taylor you do,” I said softly. “Then don’t go home tonight,” she said. She sounded scared. “I wont don’t worry!” she hugged me. I put my arm round her. With the other I entered her she gave a slight moan of pleasure. ” Jason please stop you gonna make me cum” she moaned. I stopped wanking her and she got up and found a condom. ” Now you have a ticket to enter this club” and she open her legs. She bit my ear as my tool entered her. “Fuck me hard” she whispered. I started a rhythm. ” Harder” she moaned “harder harder” she came and oragasmed but she still wanted more but I couldn’t hold it much longer and gave way we collapsed on the sofa and started making out. We made till fell asleep. Still I didn’t sleep fully just in case butch turned up.