Dark Sk8er Chapter 3

I woke to a start only to find that she had gone from my arms. I looked at my watch it was 9:30am. I looked and tried to remember where I was. I smelled something cooking. I yawned and rested my head on the sofa. Taylor walked in with a bacon sandwich (the only way to start the day) “You are awake at last” and she bent down and gave me a kiss. “Morning” I replied. “do you want anything as well” Taylor asked. “No! What are we going to do today then?” “Well” she said finishing the sandwich ” I would like to go to the Mall and do some shopping” “Cool” I said ” You need a ride at all, or is it girly shit and gonna hang with your other friends.” ” A girly day but I would love a ride and a little extra something” “What” I asked quite intrigued. “This” and she grabbed my cock and started sucking it. Taylor was obviously still hungry even after that bacon sarnie. I started to pant and held her head. She stopped and took off her jeans and black g-string whist I grabbed a ribbed condom and put it on. She sat down on my dick and started bouncing up and down. I told her to stop and asked if she wanted to do it doggie style. We moved round and I started banging into her cunt with a strong rhythm. I had her moaning in seconds. We must have been there for half an hour when she felt my body tense up. I removed my tool from her clit and she kissed me passionately. ” How was that for you ’cause I loved it!” “That was fucking amazing” I said, out of breath ” Where’s your shower so I can get washed and changed!” ” In my room” she pointed. “One more thing” I said “When I offered to give you a ride that was not what I meant!” She grinned evilly ” I know baby but you are special”

In 15 minutes I was showered and had some clothes on. Our lips met again. “You gonna tell your friends about us?” I asked kissing her again as we walked to the garage. ” No i’ll just say that me and Butch had a fight and we broke up!” We opened the garage door and got on my bike. ” Hold on tight” I told Taylor. she grabbed my crotch. “Not that tight” I said quickly. She just laughed and nibbled my ear. She put her arms round me and held her self close. (thanks to the glorious laws of america people on motorbikes don’t need to wear helmets) I rode out of the drive in the direction of town. It didn’t take long to reach the city mall even with the rush hour traffic.

After I dropped Taylor off I went back home to change my clothes. I didn’t want my parents to find out I had been stabbed twice. After I had got changed I decided to go back to the mall for myself and see what it had to offer. I used the same route that Taylor had shown me. I parked up and walked inside. I walked around and saw Taylor with all her friends. I wanted to keep an eye on her especially after last night! She spotted me following her. She gave an excuse to her friends and went to look in a front window. “You must meet me tonight because I still haven’t said Thank You for what you did!” “You dont have to do that!” I started “No babe I do, I want to!” she gave a little wink as she ran to catch up with her friends.

As I started to turn round a voice said “Hello Jason! Long time no see!” I instantly recognized her voice and I spun around to confirm. “What the fuck are you doing here!!!” I blurted out. She looked stunned and hurt with what I said. “That’s no way to talk to a lady” she replied. “You are no lady!” “Hey forgive and forget love!” and with these words she walked up and grabbed my bollocks. “Hey get lost I cant forgive or forget what you did to me Kate!” I said angrily pushing her away “Nothing could stop the pain you put me through.” “I did nothing wrong!” Kate shouted back at me. “No you didn’t do anything wrong if you forget about sleeping with my best mate or the fact that you slept with my cousin!!!” I shouted ” Apart from those little episodes you were fucking perfect. You were a whore and I put my trust into you and took that from me!” By this time people were begining to stare. I walked off towards the carpark to go somewhere else but Kate just followed me. “Look I just wanted to say sorry but that is to little for you” she shouted me as I reached my bike. ” I was over the fucking moon when you told me you were moving but I didn’t no it would be here!” I shouted at her. “All I want to do is make up for my mistake!” Kate pleaded at me “Look I was your girlfriend for fucks sake. We lost our virginity together! Doesn’t that mean anything to you. Look if you don’t want to be friends at all that’s fine but it has been 6 months for fucks sake please I don’t want to lose you again!” I stood there and thought 6 months was a long time. I climbed on my bike and looked at her. “Climb on we can go back to mine for a beer and talk about old times.”

As we got home I realized my folks had been and gone to work. I walked into the kitchen and grabbed 2 beers. I handed one to Kate. ” So where are you living then?” I asked to make conversation. ” In a house.” she giggled back at me. “I have missed you!” she said softly. ” I wish I could say the same” ” Don’t start that up again.” “Ok I won’t, a fresh start.” “Yeah a fresh start” she agreed. She got up and just snogged me deeply and passionately. “Who the fuck do you think you are!” I shouted at her. ” O come on don’t tell me you didn’t enjoy fucking me.” ” I can’t remember.” I lied. “Let me remind you.” she replied pulling off her top and came close to me again. “I can’t!” I stammered. “Why not?” Kate demanded. “No reason, apart from the fact I’m with someone!” ” Like I care about the tart your fucking when you can have me!” ” I won’t break her trust unlike you. You will fuck anything with a pulse!” “That maybe true but I want your pulse.” “What are you doing you stupid fool!!!” I thought ” You got a fit ass bitch topless in front of you begging to be fucked.” “What if she was to find out” I said. “Jason you have changed, I mean last time I was with you and a girl was begging to be fucked you just did it” “Look I was drunk and you weren’t the fact you joined in was the main point!” “That was not the main point that was different I just didn’t want to be left out of the fun!” Kate started to cry ” I thought you loved me!” she sobbed. This was turning into a very difficult situation because all the years I had known Kate she had never cried. “I just want to make up for what I did and if you were sorry you won’t hesitate to relive me!” I don’t know how she did it but the next thing I knew her hand was in mine and I was taking her upstairs to my room. I laid her on my bed and I kissed her deeply. I then moved down to her tits and started to suck them. She let out a slight moan. I pulled off my T-shirt and slid her shorts off. I noticed that she wasn’t wearing any underwear. Her pussy was looking delicious and I started to lick her out flicking my tongue out and in the clitoris. She moaning loudly and she was pulling my hair. She started bucking as she came and organized. We kissed passionately. Part of me was saying ” This is wrong you shouldn’t be doing this ” and another part was saying “give her more!” I removed my trousers and shorts and my tool reared up angrily in front of her and i plundged it into her cunt. She moaned at the first thrust and at every thrust after that. I didnt know how long we had been there but it seemed like it was forever before I gave way and pulled out of her just before I came. She had been screaming and coming in an uncontrolable orgasmic state. As soon as my tool was in the fresh air it was grabbed and rammed into Kate’s mouth, who was licking and sucking for all she was worth, unfortunatly I just immediatly cummed in her mouth and she swallowed it waiting for more. I had no more enegry left in me and everything started to go hazy. I saw Kate get up and start putting on her clothes and getting ready to leave I started to fall down only to hear a faded voice. ” You were always a weak minded fool, but I will call for you again my slave!! ” and with those words Kate left and I blacked out. When I woke up and I realized what I had just done or what she had done. I knew Kate had started learning witchcraft after I left her but I never knew she had grown so powerful. The witch had cast a spell on me and I didn’t no if it was over! But revenge is best served cold…

Authors note: sorry it’s been a long time but I didn’t know how to keep you on the edge of your seat. If you would like to see something come up in the next chapter send me an email and I will see what I can do!!!! Hoped you enjoyed the story!!!