Dark Whispers

Time for another Dark Whispers to collect the various shorter articles we’ve received. Inside, ‘lookinlisteninwaitin’ and ‘Damen_Vampire’ share some thoughts and words with us. — Sire

lookinlisteninwaitin writes:

As we sit here

We sit here as the world rots about us and I wonder often and often think that the world is gonna kill me and in a way it does slowly do just that… I often think and look to the arkane for chance to bring immortality into my grasp. But would my poor mortal brain hurt, could it handle the stress of the extended life? I don’t feel but, yet my mind trobs through its excitement. I search and step bare-foot into the flames.
Maybe i’ll get my wings singed… my halo dusty but will I change inside?

lookinlisteninwaitin writes:

Edges of Forever

I stand as many have before me. I’ve looked and lost and never found a thing. I stand and be living and still I keep breathing, striving for more and yet dening my soul immortality. The Gods wish to take me. Perhaps I’ve a death wish but, I and the world may never know. I hide till I change into a snake or such evil putrid sench that even can I smell my rotting soul and yet I stand at the edge again and again… I’m sloth in all it’s gory glory one of seven of the sins gods HATES and still standing on the edges of forever. Stop me, guide me! We call to each other across a great abyss. It is our destiny only ours…

Damen_Vampire writes:

Say what you please

Say what you please, for it shall not stop me.
Say what you please, for it can not get rid of me. I am here to stay and do as I please, for there is no reason for me to listen to you.

Shadow-of-Fate writes:

Lingers (Poem)
The yellow dog runs circles in a square
hard to understand if you weren’t there
listen to your self to see
if you talk to Insanity
talking to the clouds won’t help at all
they don’t listen but one day will fall
barking from a dog in the distance
maybe it’s lasie in need of assitance
but like all the rest we do ignor
it’s just another soul past out on the floor
laughing at the past with no regret
hoping with the future we’ll forget
leaving friends and leaving love
hiding in the shadows from clouds above
diging your own grave with your fingers
as the smell of your souls death still lingers

By Sire

I'm nude, want to see?

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