Dark Whispers, Friday, October 27

Got some more dark whispers, which used to be called “shorts” (although in my case, make that “g strings”)

Looking for your heads – Shok

I’m head hunting at the moment… well, from a certain point of view. I’m making a new artwork and need interesting frontal head shots (like passport pics, but more interesting please). So, if you’d like to be incorporated into one of my pieces, send me the JPG 300×300 pixel. To DARKCHILD@ANIMEINN.NET

Please note that in doing so, you are allowing your copyright laws of your own picture to be waved, enabling me to use them in the picture. (I’m not doing anything bad to the pics, but I have to inform ppl of this fact, so they don’t get pissed off if they don’t like the end results)

If I choose to use your piccie, I’ll forward on a copy of the end result to your email!! Otherwise, it’ll be able to be seen at http://www.zing.com/album/?id=4293547309 where my other pics are stored. So… Be creative people!! Shok.

darkzine.net – Dark J

The latest issue of darkzine.net (http://www.darkzine.net) has been posted. I’ve added a couple new features (one that should hopefully aid navigation in the form of an image map – thanks to Gothic Rose for the great banner I am using for that map). I think everyone will enjoy the stories on there and I hope they all visit the interactive page. I posted a new poll and linked to the interactive story I started back when we were still Shattered Dreams on Darksites.

The interactive story is a bit different from most we see out there. Instead of being set up like a giant guestbook, it is much more interactive. It is more of a choose your own adventure type story in, the reader has two options when they reach the end of a chapter to choose from. Depending on which option you choose you can read on or add your own part of the story. Admittedly, some of the stuff is pretty bad but there are also some very good things in the current story.

Here is the part where I beg for submissions for the next issue. Must I get down on my knees? I am particularly interested in music and club reviews. However, any submission is fine. Do I publish everything that crosses my desk? Nope but, I’d like to think that what I do publish is going to entertain.

Another website – Anonymous

http://www.lungworm.net……………..deadneck terrorism ……..end

(I’m going to be nice, this time, but in the future, if you submit a site to be posted in the shorts, could you also send in a description? and would you like a web review? I’m willing to play web critic if people are interested. Also, please note that Darksites does have a “links” section. Thanks! – the editorial Mistress)


You used to call me GrandPoobah. Now you can call me…MISTRESS! *cracks whip and grins very, very widely* Good evening, passengers, I’ll be your assistant editor for the duration of this flight. Coffee, tea, or me? 🙂

– That’s all, folks. Mistress


  1. >>You used to call me GrandPoobah. Now you can call me…MISTRESS!

    There goes the neighborhood ::grins and runs::


  2. All right, all right, I’m beginning to get the point…(eew. edible underwear. sticky! yuck!)

    Mistress (This is why I write as Grand Poobah – my editorial account has worse cookie problems than my original account)

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