Darkend Illumination

Intertwining thoughts.
Im speechless,breathless.
Watching you stand there,
Just being yourself.
No false smiles this time.
No lies?

Im almost scared to feel this way.
In being content in what i have,
What is it changes………

Now theres you.
Smiling, watching, being here.
You know respect,pleasure.

I wonder if you realise how much youve changed my life…
By being yourself.
Being true.
Helping me discover who I really am.
Real smiles when your there.
No false faces.
Spoken Truths.

Should I let things go this way?
Learn to love my life?
I cant quite grasp the meaning…

Now you know how i feel.
Hope Im enough for you.
Do you feel the same?
Or will no flame burn brighter?
I want you to be happy!
But can any of us now know what that means?

All this suffering.
Embrace it.

So Ill give you everything – but not my soul.
Its all I have left now…

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By evilsecret

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