Darkest Dreams

Take me from this desolation

Hold my shell of decay

In the moments that shall come

You will conquer all the idle strays

Fantasy within tainted minds

Dwelling about thy soul

Transparent to the naked eye

Rebelled in lifes darkend hole

Sucked into the arrogance

Mans wicked demise…

Loose your being against the wind

Set your soul on fire

Regret only that you wish

Take charge of evils reigns

Slip your heart into that one

For love is what you’ll gain

Lies about your actual intentions

Show you can’t retreat

Filling your being in distraction

Your words are bittersweet

One is at the top…

Yet many others follow

Do not set me high above

For I will show you sorrow

Cause my soul to flutter

Inside the stolen walls

Hold my passions dearly

For I hear evils wild calls

Shield yourself from my wrath

Vengence is calling outloud

Hide inside your darkend corner

Cover thyself with your shroud

Count your blessings, just once more

Show your vulenrable side

Its your soul I will take

Before your flesh has died

In the end you will see

That pain does go with pleasure

For it always accompanies me

As I will cut you assunder

Reckless and lonely hearts do bleed

Within my darkest dreams

I will make you mine

Before I hear your screams

Fight the will to give in

As I laugh wickedly

Stepping into a different realm

The last thing you shall see will just be me

I will kiss your lips goodbye

Walk away in silence

Smiling as I shut the door

Knowing I caused the violence

I will fly into the night

Like an angel with blackend wings

To the hell where it began…

It started in your dreams…

By vampiress_Chantelle

In darkness I walk alone. I search for that which is of myne own. Pleasure I give, if thats what you so desire...In the night is where you can find me....