Darkest of Hearts

A rose offered
with gentle kisses
beneath a tempest,
my hand you take

a kiss layed gently
upon it, your
haunting eyes
your frigid touch,
a nocturnal heart
pumping dark blood,
embarce me tonight
dark prince, let me be
your subservient martyr
and fulfill your hellion Desires.

By MistressShade

I will not say I became gothic because it was always within me, but I realized that with my train of thoughts and belifes I was not like the rest of the world and there was only one world that I belonged in, I was never into anything political or organized and I detested the mundane way of thought, so I detached my self as fast as I could from this pathetic world and prayed that I would never join the crowd of headless chickens that roam this so called planet earth, now I live night to night in a secret world of shades of black and music that speaks to the soul, many say its just a phase or my age, what does anyone know about someones soul? how can someone think they know me? when that very same person judges me with out knowing anything at all? I am who I am by choice and yes by nature, I will always be me and thats all I can give I dont care anymore if someone poits or laughs when I walk around, so called christians? where in the bible does it say Judge by outward appearance? or judge at all for that matter, with my 21 yrs of life I have noticed goths are not the only ones disrespected in the list are the handicapped the elderly and the mentally disabled, so I started to notice that if you dont fit this society's standards your obviously not human, how can that be human? humans take advantage of everything, nature , animals but I can only change some much of this world so that is why I have my own and its is my sanctuary, my littile corner in this world when everything gets overwhelming, it could be a gothic bar or gothic club whatever it is there I am at home.