Sitting on her bed, heart pounding, she listened into the night for any sound of stirring from her father. Silence. Slowly she stood up, legs shaking, silently asking herself, ‘Are you sure you are ready?’ In one swift movement she lifts up her bedroom window. It creaks. ‘Oh no now i am caught.’

She listens for a sound from her dad. Still nothing. She slips one leg out of the window, then the next. ‘Are you sure you want to do this?’ Then she quickly pushes her body out of the bedroom window. There in the darkness, Andrew awaits her with a grin on his face. Her heart flutters. She silently runs up to him and kisses him, “I did it.”
“I know, everything will be alright now.”
They walk deep into the woods behind her house anticipating the sound of Nikki’s father. ‘Maybe he won’t notice I am gone.’
After finding a secluded area, Andrew lays down a blanket. She sits down on it, Andrew sitting next to her, they begin to kiss, soft gentle kisses. “I love you more than anyone Nikki, are you sure you want this?”
“Andrew you know i would do anything for you, and this will prove it.”
He silently begins to slip off her clothing, shirt and bra first. Then it is her turn she takes off his shirt. He lies down on top of her and begins kissing her neck, slowly moving downward to her chest. Both hearts pounding loud enough to hear. Nikki can feel his erection poking her thigh, “Are you happy?”
“Never been happier in my life.”
He unzips her pants and slides them off. Then undoes his, and takes off his boxers. He pulls out a condom, puts it on and makes me lie down. “Don’t worry everything will be beautiful now.”
He begins making love to her, slowly at first but as he continues he goes faster. Her moaning turns into silent screams, pleasure consuming them both. Finally he cums and pulls out of her. As the night continues they lie in eachother’s arms and whisper silently about the event that had taken place before.
As it neared 4 am they slip back on their clothes and slip through the woods. Nikki whispers “I will remember this day for the rest of my life. Goodnight until next time.”

By @}- ~Black-Rose~

my life has taken a complete turnaround since i found myself as a goth/punk. most think its for worse. but as i sit here writing this i feel as if it is for the best.i may be a social outcast but i am happy deeply, not just on the surface.