My eyes are closed tight and I can’t see a thing, all I can see is darkness.
I can feel the knife piercing my skin, going down my stomach.
My heart is racing I don’t know what to do or how to act all I can feel is the pain. I run my fingers down my arm and feel the scares I have given myself in the past but nothing like this pain I am putting myself through right now.

I feel my blood rushing to the open cut and pouring out onto my cold white body, the thoughts in my mind racing in and out all over the place.
I can hear myself breathing in deeply, I open my eyes and see my chest going up and down rapidly, I quickly look around to see no one else in the room but me.
I press down on the knife harder and harder with every stroke.
I can feel more of my blood pushing its way out of my body onto the floor.
The floor is stained with my sticky red blood, dark and evil.
My hand falls to the blood stained floor, I push my hand down in my blood and I bring it back up and look at my hand, the blood is slowly dripping down my arm, my whole body is shaking, I cant stop it.
My white body, slowly turning red, I take the knife and bring it up to my neck, crying and not knowing what to do.
I slowly look at the rest of my body all hurt, the thought of what I have put myself through would stay in my mind forever.
I take the knife lying on my neck and quickly slash my throat, I can hear myself choking, choking on the blood that once ran through my body, keeping me alive.
Now I didn’t care.
I lay there slowly dying, and not caring at all, in the darkness alone.

By daylightdies420

im a freaky little girl who whats to kill things. I enjoy beating up my little brother. Im in counceling twice a week and i take some pills and im suppost to everyday but i dont because they dont work and i dont want them to work because i like who i am and people are trying to change me and i dont like it.