I don’t understand the imaginary problems that Westerners create. I am 18 and I know about depression. I have lived long enough to know how depression can drag you down so much you pray to die in your sleep.

What I dont understand is 13 year olds who have not had even one day of true abuse in their lives whining about deoression and how much life sucks. Imagine being 8 years old and being forced into marriage as they do in Bangladesh.

Life is harsh but when you’re that young and living in the States you really have no idea what suffering is .


  1. I agree…to a point I believe that at any age you CAN know suffering but I do know that there is always someone who has it worse off than you. I do agree that many young(and older) people complain way too much when they don’t even understand the true meaning of it.

  2. Many “Westerners” have damn good reasons to be depressed. But I’ll agree with you and say that alot of people are depressed over nothing. It’s a cry for help or something like that…I’m not sure. I’m not sure if it is really something wrong in our society but it’s definately annoying.

    Whoa…I just read your last statement. Ok. You’re stupid.
    “when you’re that young and living in the States you really have no i dea what suffering is”
    People here go through really bad shit. I’ve lived through sexual abuse/battery, poverty, homlessness, practically raised my younger brother and I finally have time to live for myself. And everything started when I was 3 so youth has nothing to do with the inability to understand depression. And I know plenty of kids with stories just like mine and worse. Please, inform yourself before you make such statements.

  3. I’m going to start off by saying that I live in New York. Just so you know. I’m one of the said “Westerners”. I agree that things that happen elsewhere are horrible, but it’s not as if you can be depressed and then think to yourself, “oh, but people in Bangledash have to get married when they’re 8” and be all happy again because other people have it worse than you.

    You can’t compare how you feel to how some one else feels, or what some one else is going through. It depends on your mind, your body… How much some one or something means to you.
    For example, if some one has depression or borderline or something and they get get abused, then they’re going to take it a lot worse than some one without those illnesses.

    And I agree with MasochisticSweetness. A lot of things go on here. “The land of the free” isn’t exactly how it is. In fact, less shit tends to happen to you once you can legally leave your parents or your town or whatever the huge problem is.

    I, for example, am still only a teenager. Already, I’ve almost been raped multiple times, people chase me down for stupid reasons, and discriminate against me for almost everything about me. but especially because I believe in peace.

    So, the majority of Americans are idiots, I will agree. A lot of them think being depressed and cutting is “in”, so they try to find reasons to be like that. And then they go and show their cuts around to get sympathy or something. I don’t know. It’s silly.

    But anyway, especially people on this site…. most of us have been through a lot of shit. So complain away about people who are complaining about nothing, but please don’t generalize.

    Have a nice night


  4. Always remember that all things in human experience are a result of comparisons. Someone can be depressed for something that is trivial to you because they haven’t experienced other terrible things that you have. To them, the pain is real because they know nothing worse.

    The way that this applies more to me and some in my situation is that we all have a sort of “quest” or work we want to do. For some it will be a “real” issue like not being beaten by their parents and trying to protect their siblings, while for others it may be trying to see that the world embraces peace and tries to grow to some political maturity level where all the world can have basic freedoms without worrying about the personal failings of their leaders, while for some it may be the concern that we need to have freedom of information and expression in the coming “digital world”. These are all just examples. The point is that anyone will feel depressed when they feel as though they cannot complete this “quest”.

    I might be insane or something but I am trying to generalize something that is very specific to the individual.

    Does this make any sense to anyone?

  5. I think that everyone has their own reasons for being deppresed and we all have “hot spots” that set them off. Just like feelings, no one has control over them. Deppresion isn’t one of those things where sometimes it’s “proper” and sometimes it’s not. If people had control over their feelings then the world would be a very very different place!!!

  6. These people have a point. People have such incredible wisdom, and knowledge of suffering of others, and with the aid of the media we can see everything that happens on any side of the globe. But knowing that somewhere life is more difficult, doesn’t make your own life any easier. Emotions are the one thing that humans fall at the feet of, and no matter what we do, we’ll never control depression – no matter how unjustified you might think it.
    I mean …. when my father disowned me, it REALLY didn’t make it easier knowing that some kid in Iraq had no shoes. I’m sorry and that sounds selfish, but it doesn’t. Just because somebody is facing horrors you can’t imagine – it doesn’t mean your life is easy.

    Oh and as for the youth thing …. my adoptive little sister (beautiful, sweet kid) is six. She’s lost her mom and her abusive dad so she came to stay with us. She’s seen our family torn apart, and she’s seen us lose our father, and a brother. Sometimes she’ll tell us something about her life before that we never knew – she has horrific memories that nobody knew existed, but she keeps them all in her head.
    So don’t say she doesn’t know about pain because she does … and she’s still found more interesting things to moan about than you have.


    Oh yeah … Nights … It makes sense, and I think you might be right. My quest is beating cancer and sometimes when my whole body is throbbing, and I want to throw up every four and a half minutes … it feels like I’ll never be where I want to be, or be free of this shit. Guess we sometimes need to modify our quest into something we can achieve. That’s the only way you keep from losing sight of your end-post.
    Oh yeah, and also trying not to see it as a start and finish – try to see it as an ongoing work in progress. Later.

  7. I think a lot of people moan when their situations are not as bad as they make out. but who the hell are we to judge? We don’t know what people go through and why they say the things they do. SOmetimes it just helps them to have a moan, so let them,

  8. thank you all for your comments. Phew !didn’t expect such a response. I know some of the things I wrote in a blind rage (as when I wrote comments on other people’s texts) . I am not good with words. I know about abuse. I know abuse can happen at any age. What I am saddens me is people who have never suffered any real kind of abuse but who think they are worse off than everyone else.

    And Blacklight I understand what you meant about not caring about children in other country. I know that there are times when your pain is so great that you just want to drown in it. What I wrote wasn’t meant or people who have had real suffering. I am talking about those who think that being “pretend depressed ” (for lack of a better term) is really cool and really “in”

    THAT IS WHAT I MEANT WHEN I SAID IMAGINARY PROBLEMS , EVERYONE. Imaginary….imaginary as in not real. Abuse is very real and it happens everywhere no denying the fact.
    thank you all.


    If you see someone’s problems as imaginary then you don’t know what’s going on in their head every minute of every day.
    Sometimes the abuse comes from outside, bad parents or hardship. But equally often, real pain comes from within. From our own loneliness and insecurity. Hatred of self can be far more potent than hatred of others.

    I hate to be rude, I really do, and I avoid it whenever possible. But get a less judgemental attitude or shut the fuck up, because the last thing we need is someone telling us it’s all in our heads.

    There’s no such thing as pretend depression, because if a person feels they need that pretense to gain friends, they already have some serious issues with themselves.
    I pity you that you can’t see how small minded you’re being.

    Later, Damian.

    P.S. Did you notice that the CAPITAL thing bothers me? Like we can’t read it perfectly well in small print …

    P.P.S. I NEVER said I didn’t care about kids in other countries. Don’t put words in my mouth.

  10. hhmmmm….can’t remember the last time i had this much fun! How pathetic. That words of a stranger can get you so worked up. T is right , words are the strongest and most dangerous weapons . LOL!

  11. how pathetic, you can’t find an argument. hehehe.
    so being an asshole is your only excuse? ouch, pity for you

  12. how pathetic, you can’t find an argument. hehehe.
    so being an asshole is your only excuse? ouch, pity for you

    sometimes strangers can be the most aggravating, because if a person we know annoys us so much we can punch them.

  13. This one is somewhat like me. That I wish that I could do that things, that I said I would do. But I don’t do that. But I wish I had. So I could die. There are no one on this earth could help me to love.

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